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There is "No Substitute" For The 911 Carrera S

Some say perfection is a moving target.

One of the most striking things about the 2021 Porsche 911 Carrera S is its timeless design. The body has grown slightly, and the performance is otherworldly compared to its predecessors, but the classic silhouette has endured since 1963.

Unlike most supercars, opening the door and getting in to the new 911 is drama free. You pull the door shut and admire the tasteful, well-appointed interior as you reach to the left of the steering wheel to turn the ignition. The 3-liter twin turbo flat six motor barks to life with a familiar Porsche growl; 443 Horses wait patiently. This particular example is painted in Oak Green and sits on 20/21” Carrera Exclusive Design wheels. The look is as refined and dignified as a three-piece suit.

You engage drive and set off, again, drama free. It takes only a few seconds to familiarize yourself with all the controls, everything works and is located precisely where it should be. As a professional car photographer, I do this all the time. I'm very fortunate to have driven just about every fast and interesting car you can think of. In terms of intuitive design, the 911 is in a class of its own. There is, of course, a touch screen but there is a button for everything used with regularity. No need to take your eyes off the road to scroll through endless menus to adjust the temperature. This same sense of intuition translates to the way the 911 drives.

The Drive Select button on the right of the steering wheel has five modes: Normal, Sport, Sport +, Individual, and Wet. In normal mode, the 911 Carrera S is as pleasant and predictable as southern California weather. With each turn of the dial comes a significant change in aggression. Shift into Sport + and the bullet quick PDK gearbox downshifts, the exhaust note is boosted, and the steering weight becomes heavier. In the center of the mode dial is another button: “Sport Response.'' This button can be pressed at any time in any mode and it delivers 20 seconds of everything turned up to 11. Cruising along in normal mode and want to pass a Sunday driver? Press Sport Response, apply throttle and the 911 lights the afterburners leaving everything in its wake. Everyone knows the 911 is fast, but the 911 Carrera S is so fast that it is commonly road tested alongside exotic cars that fetch double or triple the price tag, and it rarely loses a head-to-head comparison.

The experience of driving the new 911 is sublime. The ride is firm without being harsh and the handling inspires pure confidence. What stands out about this car is the complete lack of compromise. The 911 is a supercar that can be driven every day in any situation and is just as capable around town as it is on the racetrack. There are a few misses, the tire roar is ever-present at highway speeds and the infamous “shaver” shifter is a bit odd but after driving the new 911, my lasting impression is this car is as close to perfection as I’ve ever experienced.

Anyone with knowledge of motorsports knows that Porsche loves to race and has more overall wins at Le Mans than any other brand, so if perfection is a moving target, the 911 is closing in fast.

$154,820 MSRP

  • Exterior Color : Oak Green Metallic  Interior Color : MOJAVE BEIGE/BLACK

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