Smoothies and Sustainability

Greenstraw- Healing You and Our Environment, One Less Piece of Plastic at a Time

Article by Ashley Barrett Kanoff

Photography by Kelly Leipziger Photography and Main Street Hub

Originally published in Newtown City Lifestyle

Greenstraw was born out of the belief that food can heal, and now they are not only helping heal our local community, they are also helping heal the earth and our environment in any way they can. Greenstraw is committed to running their business in a socially responsible manner. From the second Greenstraw opened their doors 7 years ago, they have been practicing sustainability. 

Greenstraw has built environmental practices into the way they run their entire business. They have an emphasis on locally grown, organic produce and they support small local farms. Greenstraw prides itself on only using quality ingredients. They buy mainly organic produce, or when it's locally sourced and sustainable practices are used. Kelly Anne and Jeff are also members of the Anchor Run Farm CSA in Wrightstown. Anchor Run’s fruits and vegetables are grown using organic practices, and they can also bring their juice pulp to and other compost to the farm. By sourcing from local farms, they are helping to cut down on travel time and transportation materials, which in turn helps our environment. Organic food offers benefits to the environment, our local community and public health. By not relying on synthetic or petroleum-based pesticides or fertilizers, there will be less water and soil contamination due to run-off. Buying organic at our  local farmers market (Newtown, Wrightstown, Yardley, ect) helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Kelly Anne is a certified holistic health coach and she designed all of their recipes as a health coach and a Mom. She developed all of the smoothies in her own kitchen, for her own children, so you know you’re making a healthy choice every day you walk into Greenstraw. Greenstraw definitely has their following of customers who head to Greenstraw every day for their fix of signature smoothies, juices, and açaí bowls. 

Greenstraw has helped the growing movement of making healthy living accessible to everyone. The key to a sustainable lifestyle is creating good habits that stick. Kelly Anne and Jeff source ingredients for Greenstraw the same exact way they shop for their home and for our children, always with health as the first priority. Greenstraw even designed a sticker closure to replace a standard plastic seal as a more eco-friendly and sea-life friendly solution. 

Greenstraw was one of the first companies to switch to paper straws in 2018, and now they are part of an exciting initiative - Plastic Free By 2023. Kelly Anne and Jeff are already using glass bottles, compostable bowls and spoons, and they hope to be fully single-use plastic free soon. 

By identifying your own plastic use, you can also figure out a plan to stop using single-use plastic items and find alternatives that can easily fit your lifestyle. 

Greenstraw is trying to make the ability to “live clean” easier by being accessible to everyone in Newtown and local surrounding areas. My hope is that Greenstraw can help inspire you to live a healthier, more sustainable life, the way it has for me. It’s more than changing your eating habits, it’s about changing your life. 

Thawsome bowls are Greenstraw’s latest addition and they are, by far, the healthiest lunch you can take along with you and thaw in time for lunch. Their thawsome bowls are made with 100% organic acai, include Greenstraw’s home-made organic granola as a topping and they don’t have any added sugars or thickeners! All you need to do is thaw at room temperature for an hour and a half or 3-4 hours in an insulated lunch bag, and enjoy!

234 N Sycamore St, Newtown


IG: @gogreenstraw

"Our vision for Greenstraw was to create a holistically healthy shop.  That means eco-friendly approaches were and will always be an important part of our business.  We're really excited to start the plastic free by 2023 initiative as we think it's a sustainable approach to sustainability."

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