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Keeping your Pup Happy and Healthy Around Carmel

Perks for dogs and dog owners in Carmel extend beyond the walkable city streets. It’s not hard to find restaurants that allow four-legged friends on their patios, or small businesses specifically designed with dogs in mind. 

Scenthound Carmel is one such business. Located in Clay Terrace, Scenthound is a membership-based care and grooming service for dogs. 

“The maintenance, routine part of it is at the heart of what we do,” says Sarah Davis. She and her husband, Doug, are the team behind Scenthound Carmel. “Our goal is to take your dog’s preventative care completely off your hands.”

Each dog’s visit to Scenthound includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. It may sound time consuming for an individual pet owner, but these professionals can usually provide all your pet’s needs in less than an hour. Plus, Scenthound’s Clay Terrace location makes it easy for dog owners to hit the shops or grab a coffee while their pets get pampered. 

At the end of the appointment, Scenthound presents each owner with a digital report card called a ScentCheck, which grades your dog’s overall health—ears, teeth, coat, nails and glands—based on the services provided. The goal, Davis explains, is to get every dog to a top-tier rating in every category over repeated visits. 

“We’ve heard a lot of our members say that before Scenthound, the biggest challenge when it came to grooming was getting an appointment,” Davis says. “But the membership model makes it easy.”

While anyone can make appointments without a membership, members have a few extra perks. Scenthound has an app for members that includes virtual vet access around the clock. Members also receive access to all 52 Scenthound locations nationwide and 25% off additional services: grooming, blow dry and brush outs, and shedding treatments.

“It seemed like something Carmel and the Greater Indianapolis area could really use,” Davis says. Natural entrepreneurs, she and her husband jumped at the chance to open a few local locations. Scenthound Carmel opened in March of 2023, and Scenthound Zionsville is set to open by the end of the year.

“Clay Terrace has been incredible, and the Carmel community has been really supportive,” she adds. “It’s a dog community. They have lots of dog-centric events, especially at Clay Terrace.” Right now, Clay Terrace is hosting a dog-friendly summer concert series with features designed specifically for pets.

Outside of the city, Carmel is home to plenty of dog-friendly parks. For families with both kids and dogs, Meadowlark Park is a perfect choice for an afternoon outside. A haven of unique playground equipment, pickleball courts, restored wetlands, walking paths, and open green space, this park has something for every two- and four-legged family member.

For those with water-loving dogs, Flowing Well Park is a must-see—the first public park recognized by Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation. While pets are not allowed to drink from the “Old Faithful” artesian well, people certainly are! Fill up your water bottle, then take your pup for a walk along the nature trail or a splash in Cool Creek. 

In sprawling Central Park, northeast of the trails, playground, community center, and The Waterpark, you’ll find the Central Dog Park. This three-acre park has designated areas for small and large dogs with plenty of space to run and play. Central Dog Park is membership-based and accepts new registrations twice per year. Follow Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation on social media for the next opportunity to register, coming this fall. 

Check out for more places to take your furry friend year-round. And If your dog gets dirty exploring all Carmel has to offer, don't worry. Scenthound's doors are wide open.

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