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How Container Creations Brings Life To The Nashville Community

In the heart of Franklin, nestled within the tapestry of changing seasons, blooms a story of passion and botanical artistry. Founder and visionary of Container Creations, Kim Hays, says that her business is more than potted plants, but a tale of finding peace woven with dirt, devotion, and a spiritual connection with nature.

What started as a hobby for the former educator soon turned into a business when her passion for understanding how plants thrive in certain environments was met with creativity.

As Kim’s youngest child ventured into his senior year, she found herself at a crossroads, contemplating the next chapter. Thus, Container Creations was born, a haven where soil met a soul. Kim and her husband, Keith, live in Franklin, surrounded by a 
supportive family and a business team of amazing people who share her passion and love of people and nature.

For her, it isn’t just about planting; it is about the spiritual communion with nature she feels and the quiet moments she spends with her hands immersed in the earth planting, watering, and caring for all kinds of plants and flowers.

Container Creations is a seasonal subscription service for outdoor container arrangements for homes and businesses. Each client receives a custom-designed potted arrangement with detailed instructions and extra tips and accessories to help keep them looking beautiful throughout the season.

The emotion Kim experiences when she walks through her door, greeted by thriving flowers, mirrors the inner peace she aims to share with the rest of the community. It's the emotional journey that resonates with clients, which reveals the value of nurturing
tangible beauty and the longevity it brings.

"Inviting hospitality" – Kim’s brand ethos encompasses more than just aesthetics. It is about inviting people to cultivate a sense of warmth and self-care, mirroring the nurturing process of tending to plants.

In downtown Franklin, amidst the urban bustle, her touch graces 19 planters by the benches. “It is an honor to get to do those planters," she says. "I am filled with joy providing a touch of hospitality to those visiting and equally to long-time natives who spend their mornings and evenings strolling the streets with their furry companions. For me, it is simply a way to love others and welcome them to our town.” 

Container Creations is about nurturing life, cultivating art, embracing the peace nature so graciously offers and inviting others to share in these experiences.

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