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Growing Your Soul

How The Cave Salt Yoga & Spa is creating community one practice at a time

Greta Walch has been an educator for decades. Originally an art teacher, Greta’s passion for yoga and her entrepreneurial spirit eventually led her to open a yoga studio, and from there, the scope of her business has expanded. 

Her vision has now come to fruition all under one roof. The Cave Salt Yoga & Spa in Mound is a family affair. Greta and her daughters are the embodiment of female power and perseverance. Opening their current location in 2021, they have faced numerous challenges running a small business, adapting quickly during a pandemic, and facing a significant family health issue. But, they have tackled all of these challenges together and have recently seen their hard work pay off with a resurgence of interest. Greta says, “Consistency had fallen away, and people's patterns had changed so dramatically during the pandemic… but they are coming back. People are prioritizing their health again.”

Greta credits her family for helping the business survive that challenging time. Her daughter Sophia acts as the business manager and a yoga instructor. Prior to her younger daughter's illness, she ran the spa. "Without all of us working together," Greta says, “We just wouldn’t have made it through the quarantine period.” 

Greta’s core mission is to “help the soul grow.” The Cave boasts many offerings to accomplish this goal. Offering all styles of yoga (restorative, sculpt, hatha, vinyasa, kids yoga, and many modalities of meditation like sound baths) suitable for all levels, meeting yogis where they’re at on their journey. They offer a full menu of massage therapy services as well as Energy Work. The Cave also hosts special events such as Equinox gatherings, women's circles around moon cycles, book clubs, sound baths, educational sessions, and coming up a fun “Rave in the Cave” Yoga/Dance party featuring body paint and glow sticks!

One offering that sets The Cave apart is the use of a salt cave. The practice of Halo Therapy originated from salt mines in eastern Europe, where salt miners seemed to live longer than their peers. People started traveling to salt mines to breathe in the air for better health. Greta explains, “We simulate the experience using a halo-generator which grinds up therapeutic grade sea salt into microscopic particles which are diffused into the air.” The salt cave experience supports the immune system, opens up the respiratory system by reducing inflammation, and assists in achieving a deep state of meditation. Participants experience enhanced relaxation in the space, as the salt air increases negative ions and boosts serotonin.

Another unique space at The Cave is a beautifully appointed community space available to rent for $75 an hour. It can be used to host a book club, a small get-together following a private yoga session, a coffee klatch, or any other special occasion that may arise. Light-filled and decorated with a touch of whimsy, it’s a space to hold a gathering, but unlike your private home, you aren’t required to vacuum. 

Community is central to what Greta and her daughters have built together. “We are building community one practice at a time, and in community, helping people to find better health and the wisdom to connect with the growth of their souls.” 

No better time to start that growth than now. Greta says, “Mound has grown to the point where it can support this kind of business. People are grateful for the community space. They make lots of friends and lots of new connections. They are filled up here, and I’m so honored by that. This community is so important to me…it’s where I raised my daughters.” 

The Cave MN is looking forward to a busy summer with rooftop yoga on the schedule, kid's yoga camps, and other exciting plans to bring more growth and healing to clients. Find out about weekly classes and a myriad of special experiences on their website or social media. 

Or, to book a class or purchase a package of passes that includes access to the salt cave, there is an app for that! The Cave MN app is easy to use and provides all the details about what The Cave is currently offering. Learn even more and start your soul's journey at:

We are building community one practice at a time, and in community, helping people to find better health and the wisdom to connect with the growth of their souls.

  • Greta Walch and daughters Emily and Sophia. Photo by @ellingboephoto