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Summer is heating up and now is the perfect time to update your jewelry box with the seasons newest trends.  Mary Eckels of Gusterman's Jewelry on Larimer Square tells us about her jewelry shop and the handcrafted pieces she recommends for your next summer outing.

About Gusterman's

Written By: Mary Eckels 

Gusterman's Silversmiths has been serving the Denver area from their location in Larimer Square since 1965.  The original owner's Astrid and Stig Gusterman recognized the potential for urban growth and were one of the first shops to open in the renovation of the block.

Downtown Denver was a very active shopping and entertainment scene in the early days. Throughout the years, Gusterman's built their reputation for quality handcrafted jewelry and original designs. Traditional contemporary was a term that was used to identify their style as the people of Denver grew to love the cozy shop and friendly artisans.

I had been a fan of the shop since the opening in Larimer Square. In 1970, there was an opening for an apprentice to Astrid Gusterman. Through amazing good fortune and a strong sculptural background in three dimensional forms, the opportunity was granted. I started as a polisher. The tasks included removing rough material from the stock castings and using sanding wheels to produce a beautiful high polish on the work before it was presented to the client,or put in stock.

Astrid was a wonderful teacher and within a few years, I was able to create a variety of unique designs.  Along with the jewelry I made, there were special item orders coming in from local businesses, including: 

-The Telluride Film Festival: medallions awarded to the featured artists at each year's festival.

-Saint John's Cathedral: A sterling gospel book cover with Colorado gems set between images of Matthew,Mark, Luke and John,. (See web page for image)

-Various staffs and awards for members of the clergy at Saint John's. 

-Woman's Bank of Denver: Logo pin that was created in silver or gold to mark the number of years each employee had been with the bank.

In 1978, I became the owner of the Larimer Square shop. Although it was sad to lose my mentor, I felt the best tribute to the founders of the business was to make it "the best it could be."  A goal that is still the focus of my efforts.

To thank my supporters in the transition to owner, I started making sterling snowflake ornaments on a yearly basis. This tradition has continued through 2019. The designs are displayed on the website ( and in the shop. The release of 2020 is pending.

Shop Gusterman's

The demand for quality original designs has remained strong over the years. I have kept my standards high and used current trends as elements in custom creations, without copying commercial designs. Strong clean lines are evident in the merchandise displayed in the shop. Timeless styles make sense, they are always a good design decision.

I am currently working in Sterling, 14kt/18kt gold( yellow,white,rose) or platinum. Precious and semi precious gems are also used to create the desired result. I also offer renovations on treasures that have been damaged, or require size changes.

A selection of men's jewelry and accessories are also available.  Cufflinks, money clips, link and cuff bracelets, belt buckles,crosses, pendants and neck chains are on hand for selection.

I am very happy to be open to serve the Denver public again. With the intimate nature of the small shop, private shopping opportunities are being offered. Please email for available times. Gusterman's is looking forward to the future and hopes to be able to brighten the lives of as many people for as many possible years to come.

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