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Husband and Wife team brings the workout to you

For the Love of Fitness

Four years ago, Katie and Tony Mackenzie began exploring the option of owning their own business in the exercise space.  After dismissing fitness fads and the here-today-gone-tomorrow trends, the husband and wife team happily discovered GYMGUYZ, the leading choice for in-home personal training. 

“We were immediately drawn to GYMGUYZ because it allowed us the opportunity to make it incredibly convenient for our clients to achieve their fitness goals,” Katie recalls.  “Based on our experience in the fitness industry, we knew that three things were needed for clients to succeed—consistency, a customized program, and a connection with the trainer. GYMGUYZ allows us to deliver all of those essential elements directly to our client's door.”

Katie and Tony employee thirteen certified trainers/instructors and carry over 300 pieces of equipment in their vehicles to personalize any fitness plan for any person at any age.  

“All people need in their home is space for a yoga mat, and we provide the rest,” states Tony.  “If a client has a dedicated home-gym in their house, we can work there, but most of the time, we work out in people’s living rooms,” Katie commented about how often the personal trainers will incorporate babies, children, spouses, even dogs into the 60-minute workout session. “We’ve had mom’s question whether they can schedule a session with kids in the house and we enthusiastically say, ‘Have them join us!’”

Katie and Tony are proud of the team of trainers and yoga instructors they’ve hired since opening their business. “We work hard to match our client’s personalities and fitness goals to the right trainer.” Katie continually talks with clients about how their sessions are going and how they are connecting with their trainer. “We know that the relationship with the trainer is one of the keys to the client’s success. We not only do extensive background checks with each of our employees, but we also screen for their love of children and pets because they are a huge part of our client’s lives.”

The bright red GYMGUYZ van can be seen all around town. “We have clients all over Mid St. Louis County,” states Tony.  “We have teenagers involved with customized athletic training. We have stay-at-home moms who have the opportunity to focus on their health without dropping the kids off in the care-room at a gym, and we have retirees who want to maintain their strength and flexibility.” Tony notes that their largest client population is busy working professionals. “We can complete a workout in the amount of time that it takes to get workout clothes on, drive to a gym, change, and drive home.”