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best gyros in town

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Gyros King

The title says it all.

Gyros King is taking not just the Edgewater neighborhood by storm but also the Rhino neighborhood and now reigns supreme as the best Greek food around! With inventive flair and savory flavors grilled into every bite, the food at Gyros King tackles any hunger and satisfies any craving. The Greek fries topped with feta cheese and Greek oregano are a must try dish! The menu also boasts a handful of delicious sandwiches including The Greco, a family recipe, of pork gyros with tomatoes, onions, Tzatziki sauce and crispy fries. You can also indulge on pork or chicken kebabs, Eva’s hummus (mom’s secret recipe), or Loukaniko, a Greek sausage. The Mediterranean flavors of each dish are sure to hit the hunger spot! Craving breakfast even at night? Gyros King has you covered! They serve their delicious breakfast burritos, one stuffed with eggs, potatoes and cheese, and the Greek breakfast burrito brimming with gyros and feta, all day long. The breakfast burrito hits differently late at night; the perfect late night bite! If your sweet tooth is feeling left out, have no fear. The Gyros King also serves mouthwatering desserts. Baklava, Loukmades (honey balls), and Loukmades with Nutella are the perfect end to a meal! Next time you’re craving something fresh and delicious, hit up Gyros King and get a taste of the Mediterranean right in the heart of Denver.

Gyros King

3501 Wazee St. (Zeppelin Station)

5505 W 20th Ave. Edgewater. CO (Sloan's Lake)

  • best gyros in town
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