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1 - Dip Dye

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Hair and Makeup That's On Trend

New Looks for Any Woman

Article by Bonnie Conte

Photography by Provided by Avalon

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

The hair and makeup industry continues to evolve and advance in so many exciting ways. Whether it’s cuts, lengths, color or texture, your hair stylist is equipped now with so many choices and techniques to ensure your personal style shines through.

When it comes to coloring, a little pop or an upgrade to a natural shade is popular now. A Dip Dye (1) is a gradual effect which gives your hair a faded look or at least that is how the trend originally started. Another coloring option is a Color Melt where the stylist takes multiple shades and blends them together for a flawless look.

Shadow Roots (2) describes a hair coloring technique that maintains darker roots at the top of your hair and transitions into a different, usually lighter shade down to your ends.

“Expensive” Brunettes is an updated and upgraded version of a natural shade.

This month marks the start of cooler weather as we head into winter. A Medium Bob is modern, chic and low maintenance giving a woman a cut with a lot of gorgeous ways to style and bind her hair.

For a longer style there’s the Nineties Layers which are long, tapered layers that will provide a style that’s full of body and volume. Another option is Beach Waves, a cut that’s feminine, grungy, soft, and sexy all at the same time.

As far as make-up (3), two things were are seeing a lot of from Aveda are: Cut Crease Eyes which define your eyelid crease by cutting across it with makeup, and Glossy Lips for a pure glossy shine.

About the Author: Bonnie Conte is an award-winning salon owner with two offerings—Avalon Salon & Spa in Lake Zurich (1201 S. Rand Road) and Crystal Lake (12 Crystal Lake Plaza), and VIBE (1217 S. Rand Road, next to Lou Malnati’s).

  • 1- Dip Dye
  • 1 - Dip Dye
  • 2- Shadow Roots
  • 3 - Creased Eyelids & Glossy Lips