Hamilton Senior Publishes STEM-Focused Children’s Book

'Maya’s Tiny Warriors' Helps Explain How the Immune System Works

For years, Manasi Vegesna suffered from frequent tonsillitis, fevers, and headaches.

After being diagnosed with allergies, Vegesna researched natural remedies to help her understand and improve her immune system.

These experiences inspired Vegesna, a 17-year-old senior at Hamilton High School, to write a children’s book that helps young readers learn about how their bodies work.

Called Maya’s Tiny Warriors, the STEM-focused book tells the story of a young girl who wakes up with the flu, and the “tiny warriors” in her immune system that fight to make her better.

“I’ve always loved books and felt that I could relate to the characters in them. So, when I wanted to share my own story and talk about my love for immunology, I knew that a book would be the best option,” Vegesna says, adding that she hopes the book will raise awareness of the upcoming and pertinent field of immunology science.

Maya’s Tiny Warriors, which is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, also features Indian characters, who Vegesna feels are underrepresented in children’s books.

Vegesna, who is of Indian descent, wanted to create a book in which readers like her can see and relate to the characters.

“I would’ve definitely loved Maya's Tiny Warriors as a kid, especially when I didn't know exactly what was going on with my immune system when I got sick, and I hope this book can be a guiding light for others,” she says.

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