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Hanging Out With Heroes

Tim Harry - Severance Security

Tim Harry of Severance Security is "hanging out with heroes" these days. A servant to others and paving the way by job carving and creating positions for Veterans and Law Enforcement within a service capacity, Harry loves his profession.

In 2000 after coming to the area to help a friend with a job, he decided to never leave. He spent many summers vacationing here with family throughout the years. Harry says that he loves the small-town feel of the beach which also has big-town attributes. "There is always so much to do, and people are just happier here."- Harry.

Harry employs veterans and law enforcement in a service capacity. "They have the heart to protect. I find that the security service and details that are assigned give these heroes a purpose. Baldwin County is a high trafficking area and not only are we working to protect and serve but Harry also is on the board of a global firm The Children's Rescue Initiative, which is a nonprofit that saves kids from labor and sex slavery all over the world.  After the rescue, they provide relocation for the children, as well as medical treatment and schooling. These men and women are working around the clock to save lives and continuously protect with a servant's heart. 

For more information contact Tim Harry

Ph: (251) 333-0308  


I love what I do, I get to hang out with heroes all day. 

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