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A Local Emotional Therapist Fosters Positive Change for Good in Kids and Adults

“I give myself permission to be happy and know that I am safe, secure and complete, whether my parents are together or not.” This is one of the statements that 5-year-old Kenley repeated back to Certified Emotional Therapist Karen Towery in her Centerville-based office. Utilizing Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT), Towery was able to get to the root of Kenley’s anxiety in under 10 minutes: a lack of control of the events around her parents’ separation. 

Kenley’s mom and dad parted ways when she was 1 year old. It’s common for kids in these situations to feel a range of emotions that they can’t quite comprehend or express, let alone control. Negative, unresolved childhood emotions can fester into adulthood, causing problems later in life, such as alcoholism or even the development of midlife autoimmune diseases. 

The premise of EPT is to focus on the problem, find the unresolved conflict, fix or change the way the body feels about the conflict, and forgive that conflict. Developed by Indiana-based chiropractor Dr. Annette Cargioli over 25 years ago, utilizing this technique has successfully helped thousands of people overcome all manner of physical and emotional pain and suffering.

“It’s not magic; it’s strategic and scientific,” Dr. Cargioli said. In order to find the unresolved conflict, EPT uses a method called “muscle testing,” whereby a strategic set of yes/no questions is asked of the participant by the therapist. The participant holds their arm straight out, and the therapist can quickly identify answers to these questions, based on how the body responds to light taps on the arm.

“Muscle testing is biofeedback,” Dr. Cargioli said. “Your own body is reacting—giving us clues as to what the conflict is—without your saying a word.” 

Once Towery identifies the problem with muscle testing, she uses EPT to fix the way the body actually feels about that conflict. In this part of the session, a set of magnets is placed strategically on the participant, to help break up emotional and physical negativity. “People are magnetic, and the magnets throw off the field, helping you get back into a balanced state and changing the body’s response to that conflict or trauma,” said Dr. Cargioli.

Repeating various strategic “forgiveness” statements with Towery while utilizing the magnets and certain touchpoints on the body actually helps the body reprogram the way it “feels” and responds to that conflict, releasing it. Kenley said that her sessions with Towery “make me feel happy, make me have good dreams and make me have a good day.”

EPT is known for being able to help people achieve “change for good” in seven sessions, whereas traditional talk therapies and conventional drug therapy can go on for years. While Towery has numerous adult clients, her background in special education gives her an edge when practicing EPT on children. “I’ve seen EPT help a nonverbal child speak. I’ve seen ADHD kids get off their medication. I’ve seen teenagers’ acne clear up from resolving internal conflicts with family and friends. The problems and benefits are wide ranging,” she said. “Unresolved conflicts make people sick and unhappy. Figuring out the conflict and leveraging forgiveness makes people’s health better.”

To learn more about EPT or to schedule an initial consultation, call Karen Towery at (937) 414-6610 or visit InnerPeaceConnections.com.

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