Happiness Through Movement

Jazzercise Tyrone provides a place for fitness and community.

Two young moms without a background in fitness were looking for a fun activity that offered free childcare. Both found what they were looking for in Jazzercise. Amy Brown’s Jazzercise story began in Texas where she became a certified instructor before she moved to Georgia and began teaching Jazzercise in 2019. Anita Riggan’s Jazzercise story began in Tyrone, and she too became certified about the time Amy started teaching. That’s how the two met. Today, Amy and Anita are writing the next chapter of their Jazzercise story as the co-owners of Jazzercise Tyrone. Together, they answered some questions Fayette County Lifestyle posed about their business. 

1.    Why did you choose Tyrone as the location for a Jazzercise franchise?

Tyrone was already an established location, and we purchased it from the previous owner.  We both aspired to be owners of a facility and decided to collaborate our strengths together in Tyrone.  Jazzercise Tyrone is a great location because it is easily accessible to the surrounding cities of Fayette and Coweta counties.

2.   Is Jazzercise experiencing a comeback? How has it changed?

Jazzercise has been here since 1969 and has never gone away. Our ability to adapt and change keeps us current.  The brand has never been afraid to modify its workouts to reflect new fitness trends or the shifting ways women have come to think about exercise and the purpose it should serve.

3.    Why should someone choose Jazzercise?

Jazzercise is for everybody and every body. We sweat together, motivate one another, and create our healthiest, happiest selves through movement. The Jazzercise community is an uplifting space to share your challenges and successes, feel supported, and celebrate those small wins and big achievements while building lasting friendships.

Whether you just need a little encouragement or a full accountability team, let the Jazzercise Tyrone community inspire you to live your best life – on and off the dance floor.

4.   Is Jazzercise a total body workout, or should it be used in conjunction with other forms of exercise such as strength training?

Jazzercise is the blending of dance cardio with Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and strength training.  In one 55-minute Jazzercise Tyrone class, you can burn up to 800 calories. The results? Long, lean muscles and an undeniable mood boost.

5.    Is it awkward to come to Jazzercise if you don’t know the moves? Is it for all ages/fitness levels?

 No experience is required. The hardest part is walking through the door and taking a chance.  We have customers of all ages and fitness levels in every class.   Our instructors demonstrate and cue every move from the stage.  They are trained in both high and low-impact levels to give each class a personal touch. 

6.    What results do Jazzercise participants experience?

Jazzercise believes you can create a stronger, happier, healthier life through fitness. The company draws on the passion to motivate and inspire customers and instructors to live healthier, fitter lives.  Jazzercise develops fun and effective fitness routines that enhance the well-being of people of all ages. 

7.    Do you offer trial classes? Are any special equipment or specific clothes required?

Yes, Jazzercise Tyrone offers a free trial class to all new customers.  Wear what’s comfortable for you – fitted, flexible fabrics are always a solid start. Supportive cross-trainers are great, but any athletic shoe will work.  We provide all the necessary equipment, but some people prefer to bring their own equipment. 

For more information about Jazzercise Tyrone visit www.jazzercise.com.



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