Get Your Hair and Nails in Harmony at Harmoni Salon

Article by Lori Balster

Photography by Kelly Ann Settle - Kelly Ann Photography

Originally published in Centerville Lifestyle

Open the door at Harmoni Salon on N. Main St. in Centerville, and you can feel it: positive energy. It’s not clear if it’s coming from the staff or from the salon itself; or maybe it’s the harmonious interweaving of the positive energies of both. But it’s not just I who feels it: Harmoni Salon customers feel it too. That’s probably why they keep coming back and why many are loyal customers for years. It also might be why, while many businesses endured losses or failures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Harmoni Salon not only kept its clients, but emerged from the pandemic with a significant growth in business.

“We’ve experienced a growth in business since the pandemic,” says Sara Miller, who has been the financial manager at Harmoni Salon for the past 12 years. “When the pandemic started, we closed for eight weeks. After reopening, we followed the government mandates and beyond, to keep our clients safe and comfortable. Our clients trusted us to do the right thing; and as soon as we opened the doors again, they returned, and then some.”

Harmoni Salon provides all sorts of beauty needs, including cut, color, extensions, manicure, pedicure, and makeup.

Faith Coomer is one of the master hairstylists. She has been at Harmoni for six years. Faith is always attuned to the latest trends. “There are some definite trends I’ve seen here that you’re likely to see for spring. I’ve been seeing a trend of hand-tied weft extensions—also, sew-in extensions in hair. Those take less than two hours and can go up to 24 inches,” she says. “Another trend is a haircut: the shattered shag.” For hair color she is seeing more “lived in” blonds (that is, warmer blonds).

Nail trends are returning to French manicures, but with a twist. Colorized French is in. Putting bright colors, like hot pink, on the tips in new patterns is great for the spring. Pastels are in.

But for the staff, Harmoni Salon is more than just a place to get your hair and nails done. As Sara says, “We are family.”

While Creative Director and Owner Young Kim [s1] has been in his career for a while, his philosophy since the beginning has not changed. He transfers the love and support that he has received from others since the beginning to his clientele. Young Kim is an educator, mentor, and business owner. He says, “I studied in New York and with a master designer in this area. But for me doing hair is not a job. It is about me and my staff being creative. It is about envisioning something for the client and creating it for them.” For Young Kim it is not just about hair. “It is about sharing love. It is about enjoyment,” he says. “We have fun all day, in the end. For me it is about the personal relationship. At the end of the day, each person who enters the salon has their own story. We pride ourselves in being a part of their lives past the chair.”

Harmoni Salon
237 N Main St.
Centerville, OH 45459



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