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The Hot Spot for Haute Couture with Heart

HauteChix offers Las Vegas women affordable, trendy, high-quality fashion

“HauteChix came about in a very special way as it brought my mom and I together as business partners and allowed us to navigate through the ups and downs of owning a small business,” said Selena Tagoai of her and her mother, Nan Esposito, which founded HauteChix in 2008.

Selena always loved fashion, and her dream had always been to open her own boutique. Nan joined her daughter to help achieve her goal and motivate her along the way. Nan immigrated from South Korea as a teenager. She learned English, worked full-time in a hotel, and graduated from school within a couple of years. Now an emblem of perseverance for her daughter, Nan inspires Selena to work harder every day and never give up on her dream.

The mother-daughter duo started the chic boutique even though neither one of them had experience in the fashion industry. However, that did not stop them from running a successful business together for over a decade. It wasn’t until 2020 that Selena and Nan would be joined by another partner, Angelica Wick.

Angelica is a proud half-Native American woman who shared the dream of owning her own boutique. Once a loyal HauteChix customer, she joined the team as a partner months before the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, the three minority women are making their dreams a reality and inspiring the next generation, starting with their kids.

“For them to see their moms, two minority women, both out here grinding… day in and day out, is not only so special to us, but also is a way for them to admire and respect female entrepreneurs of any color,” Selena said.

The key to their success is staying flexible and adapting to change. The pandemic forced the HauteChix team to think outside the box. They leveraged social media and promoted “last-chance sales” via Instagram stories to keep the brand relevant and keep their followers and customers engaged.

“We definitely have had our slumps, but I think where we thrive and what helps keep us going is teamwork and having one another,” Selena continued. “Our team is amazing. We have a group chat that we named The HauteClub, and if one of us is down or not feeling creative or motivated, at least one person in that chat is going to get us back up!”

HauteChix’s customers range from teens to women in their 80s. Selena beamed, “We pride ourselves on having a little something for everyone, whether it be clothes, handbags, accessories, or even just coming in for alterations.”

Last year, they wowed guests by hosting a private mansion shopping party called The Ultimate Girls Night. In October of the same year, they held their first “hautemarket,” an outdoor night market with local, small business vendors. The success of the first “hautemarket” inspired a second event for the spring of 2022.

The women of HauteChix exist to inspire, and being involved in their community is an integral part of their success. “Community is very important to us. Especially the community that our shop is in. Southern Highlands community has helped us stay in business all of these years,” said Selena.

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