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Nourish Your Skin Organically at The Retreat Day Spa

Perhaps you’ve made the vow to yourself that 2022 will be your year for paying better attention to what you give to your body, from sunlight and water to healthier foods and nourishing products. Shouldn’t your skincare be included? 

Here’s a tip from Jill Copeland-Henderson at The Retreat Day Spa, located in downtown Birmingham: consider that the standards are much higher for organic products outside of the United States. That’s why The Retreat carries Eminence, a luxurious and totally organic skincare brand developed in Hungary. In fact, they’re the first day spa in the city to do so, with good reason. 

A massage therapist for about 15 years before she became the owner of The Retreat, Jill understands the importance of organic skin care and uses Eminence with intention, knowing it’s a repeat award winner, including best skin care company for spa professionals 12 years in a row. It’s also used by the Spa at Ritz-Carlton and other reputable establishments. 

Jill and her team appreciate that Eminence puts rigorous scientific research into each item they produce and have done so since the company’s inception in 1958. Lotions, serums, and other products are created with all-natural ingredients and “herbalism” — and the absence of chemicals and harsh preservatives makes them safer. 

“We are conscious of clients’ allergies. We have clients who are allergic to unusual things, and we’re aware of this and value finding products that will work for them,” Jill explained. “We pay attention to ingredient lists.”

That said, each client at The Retreat enjoys a completely customized experience during their treatment, from the skin products used to the technique. “No two people who come into our spa on the same day would have the same treatment,” Jill noted. “Massages and facials should be individualized for what the person needs that day, and products should suit their skin.” 

For clients who fall completely in love with their treatment — which is fully expected — The Retreat carries “about 85% of the products” offered by the Eminence website in a generous retail display. And it’s a shopping experience spa-goers can feel good about; for each retail product purchased by The Retreat, Eminence will plant a tree. The company also regularly prepares healthy, organic meals for children undergoing cancer treatments and has donated to more than 100 hospitals, medical facilities and community organizations since early 2020. 

We don’t carry everything on the website — just what we love,” Jill said, smiling. “But we love almost everything!”

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