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Flagstaff arboretum

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Heading North

Flagstaff offers nature and cooler temperatures this summer.

If you are looking to escape triple digit heat you may want to consider heading north to Flagstaff for a reprieve. This mountain town has been growing with plenty of antique shops, coffee joints, and places to satisfy most foodies, but its greatest attraction will most likely be the nature on offer. For one, the Flagstaff Arboretum is a delightful walk among the trees with views of majestic mountains and pops of color from a variety of flowers. The paths to choose from remain fairly flat throughout, so it is easy walking for young children. There are places to pause and take in the beauty and escape the noise of modern life. 

While downtown Flagstaff has all the conveniences and amenities you need, you can still seek out a piece of history at the Riordan Mansion or the Museum of Northern Arizona. If the summer season means the ski resorts are out of bounds, think again. Snowbowl Ski Resort has scenic gondola rides all the way to the top where temperatures at 11,500 feet hover in the 60's while Phoenix sizzles in the baking sun.

Not only can you breathe fresh mountain air but enjoy summer tubing, a bungee trampoline, and more. The views of pines and mountainous terrain inspire comparisons to the Alps, with photo opportunities all around you. However, when you do come back down, consider grabbing a bite to eat and a beer at Lumberyard Brewing Co. Their  in house brews and burgers, among many other menu items, are just the thing to satisfy your appetite. 

'The views of pines and mountainous terrain inspire comparisons to the Alps...'

  • Snowbowl gondola ride.
  • Flagstaff arboretum