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Bob Sammons - Mile-High Memorabilia

Sports, Medical School, the Air Force, and BBQ

If you haven't had the opportunity to chat with Bob Sammons your are missing out on a good time. Bob is the kind of guy that has a story for everything. Military service? He's got a story of how he choose the Air Force over the Army. Sports? Loads of stories and memorabilia. Science? He is a psychiatrist that specializes in transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat depression. BBQ? Of course. His secret is to cook it low and slow and to always use apple juice. 

It is well established that Bob has stories. Some of his favorites include his large collection of sports memorabilia. He has posters, trophies, jerseys, balls, hockey sticks, mugs and flags. He has several signed pieces by Micheal Jordan, and signatures from many other notable names. If you get a chance to talk with him, be sure to choose a comfy seat because you won't want to leave.