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R3 CryoSpa owner and CEO, Shae Connor, explores her career and wellness options

Often, we spend our teenage years discovering our passions. During Shae Connor’s first year out of high school, although she pursued a traditional degree, she considered a career in massage or physical therapy. Ten years later, she turned that dream into a reality.

“In March of 2014, the chiropractor I rented a room from told me that he decided to retire. I started looking for space and found an amazing little spot with three rooms and jumped in with both feet,” says Connor. “I expanded into the Athletic Recovery & Pain Reduction field, and then I moved into beauty and body contouring with Cryoskin.”

When Connor started R3 CryoSpa, it was driven by her desire to help people feel better. She aims to make a positive impact on the residents of Cedar Park by improving their quality of life and making them recognize their inner beauty. Since the practice’s expansion, she has had her stellar team, Connie Kilgore and Jeanette Danhert, by her side.

“I met Connie and Jeanette at a Krav Maga studio. We became friends while working out and training together,” says Connor. “They have been amazingly helpful with the growth of my business. I will always appreciate the help that they have given and continue to give when needed.”


Emerald Laser Lipo

This FDA-approved treatment allows you to release fat from fat cells without killing them. It is an extremely fast way to lose fat, in the healthiest way possible.

Low EMF Salt Sauna

If you need help with detoxification and allergies, this is the perfect treatment for you. The sauna burns calories quickly, jumpstarting your metabolism and clearing your sinuses.


Scan your entire body to see how your health and wellness improve over time. Get to know your body composition, postural analysis, and BMI.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Abbreviated as PEMF, this cellular exercise is provided for bone healing, post-surgical edema, depression, osteoarthritis, post-operative pain, and musculoskeletal pain. It even heals in half the time.

For the R3 CryoSpa team, it’s about the whole package—health, wellness, and beauty of the mind and body. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Cryoskin Master Trainer/Instructor, Connor has dedicated herself to learning the best non-invasive practices to offer. Her heart is made full when she sees clients realize the potential they have while on their wellness journey.

“A client came in for nerve pain that was so severe they couldn’t function day-to-day. Work was excruciating and exercise was just too painful to even consider,” says Connor. “We tried whole-body cryotherapy and PEMF, both for inflammation and pain relief. Within a few weeks of combo sessions, they were not only able to clean their home, but go to the gym and work out.”

Connor believes that even if you have the perfect exterior, if you don’t have the energy to live life to the fullest, you miss out on some of the greatest things. Balance is key. By putting your mind and body first, you open the door for a lifetime of memories.

“It’s really important to get clear on the goals of your journey in life,” says Connor. “Do you need more flexibility, less pain, better sleep, tighter muscles, less fat, more relaxation, better recovery? All of these things are important for different reasons based on the individual. And if you’re not sure where you want to make improvements, we can certainly help with a free consultation.”

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