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Healing through nutrition testing

Dr. Rick offers hope for chronic conditions by blending chiropractic care with nutritional therapy

Article by Todd Haight

Photography by Winterlayne Photography

Originally published in Troy City Lifestyle

Heather Krygier’s journey to better health started in the most unlikely of places: The finance office of a Rochester Hills dealership.

As she filled out applications and checked off forms, she casually mentioned how her lifestyle had changed since a snowboarding accident. She was plagued by numbness and tingling in her shoulder, and no one had been able to identify or solve it.

That’s when the finance manager surprised her with a referral to Dr. Rick Sowerby of Clear Choice Natural Healthcare in Troy (

“She highly recommended him. She had suffered some serious health issues and he completely changed her life,” Heather says. “That’s all I needed to hear.”

That was just a few months ago. Now, she says, Dr. Rick has completely changed her life as well.

“I’ve seen such a huge difference since I started seeing him,” she smiles. “The numbness and tingling are almost gone. It feels so much better and I’m back to the things I love, like yoga. He’s done what no other health practitioners could do.”

It all started with Nutritional Response Testing®, a natural way of analyzing her body to determine the underlying causes of ill health.

“Our purpose is to help people get better, without drugs or surgery,” says Dr. Rick. “Many of the health problems we face today – chronic fatigue, PMS, acid reflux, allergies – can be successfully addressed by balancing your body chemistry using nutrition.”

The fact is, many of us burn more energy watching calories and fat than we do exercising. We think about nutrition because we care about our expanding waists and double chins.

But what if nutrition encompassed more than just the food you eat? Could it be that what’s already inside you is making you ill?

Heavy metals, for example. If you struggle with autoimmune, thyroid or adrenal issues, heavy metal toxicity may be to blame.

“Heavy metals occur naturally everywhere. In the water we drink and in foods like sushi, brown rice and leafy green vegetables,” says Dr. Rick. “Your body naturally eliminates most of them, but they can build up over time and make you sick.”

Then there’s radiation poisoning, viruses, parasites, food sensitivities and bacteria. And chemicals in your drinking water – chemicals that stayed behind in your tissue and organs.

Of course, how can you really know for sure, right?

The answer, says Dr. Rick, is Nutrition Response Testing, the safest technique for natural healing. It has no side effects and involves no surgeries, drugs or medication.

Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Rick tests your body’s neurological reflexes, the body's way of telling us what and how your nervous system is doing. The nervous system regulates the body’s functions for every organ, so the testing includes all organs, glands, joints and muscles.

The simple testing checks for the five most common "stressors" that can hinder your response to natural therapies:

  • Allergies to major food groups
  • Chemical toxicity
  • Heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead, aluminum and dozens more)
  • Chronic immune challenges
  • Scars on the surface of your body (including tattoos)

Patients often see results in four to six weeks. You can read many of their stories on Google, where reviews of Dr. Rick have garnered a 4.9 rating (on a 5-point scale).

Like Sandi Naas, who says, “I started going to Dr. Sowerby a month ago, and his nutritional program has helped me immensely. His program has been the first thing I have ever done that not only helped me lose weight – I’m at 10 pounds so far – but also drastically improved my sleep and energy. I honestly feel like I have the energy of my 15-year-old self. Amazing!”

Or Ajab Boparai: “Dr. Sowerby not only found the root cause of my constant fatigue and other symptoms, but also managed to get me back to feeling healthy within a very short time. I'm so thankful to have come across Nutrition Response Testing. Truly the best way to get healthy – without drugs or surgery!”

It’s a passion Dr. Rick can’t give up.

“My wife sometimes says she wants me to retire, but we’re making a real difference here,” he says. “I love to see my patients improve and to hear how life has changed for the better.”

Let Dr. Rick create your personal nutrition plan through Nutrition Response Testing. Call (248) 879-1900 or email Troy City Lifestyle readers also get special $129 pricing; just ask when you make your appointment.

“Our purpose is to get as many people as possible better, without drugs or surgery. Many of the health problems we face today – chronic fatigue, PMS, acid reflux, allergies – can be successfully addressed by balancing your body chemistry using nutrition.” – Dr. Rick Sowerby, Clear Choice Natural Healthcare

Dr. Richard ("Rick") Sowerby is a Troy clinical nutritionist and chiropractor specializing in nutritional counseling and nutritional therapy. He has over 30 years' experience in natural health care and as a chiropractor, and is a Gold Seal Certified Master in Nutrition Response Testing®. He worked as a teaching assistant in the Advanced Clinical Training program in Clearwater, Florida.