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Local entrepreneurs offer state-of-the-art red-light therapy to the greater St. George community

Article by Kami Egan Savage

Photography by Kami Egan Savage; Red Bed Regeneration; Body Balance Systems

Originally published in St George City Lifestyle

Combining nature and technology into one therapeutic methodology, the local proprietors behind Red Bed Regeneration offer a cutting-edge way to enhance the body’s natural healing ability by harnessing the power of low-intensity, red-light wavelengths.

“Personal health and wellness are natural interests that come with living in this area,” says Lori Prenger, co-owner of Red Bed Regeneration. “Our red-light beds are exciting given the community that we have—people are health conscious and active.”

The research backing red-light therapy is just as exciting. Infrared and near-infrared light waves have been shown to stimulate mitochondria—the powerhouse in each cell of our bodies—to produce energy more efficiently and accelerate the body’s natural self-healing ability.

More than 40 years ago, NASA explored the potential of red light in its experiments with plant growth in the vacuum of space. The aeronautics and space agency also used red light as a therapeutic protocol to reverse muscle atrophy in astronauts in microgravity environments. Today, medical professionals use this technology in their practices for everything from weight loss, wound healing and athletic recovery to anti-aging and acne treatments.

The Red Bed Regeneration experience is pleasant and soothing. The red-light beds remain warm to the touch but never hot. An optional vibration feature based on Rife frequencies induces further relaxation and healing and encourages lymphatic drainage. Rife frequencies are an alternative therapy using sound waves to aid the healing process. The panel situated near the face combines red and blue-wavelength lights to address issues specific to the face such as wrinkles, acne and rosacea. The body-contoured design factors into the overall efficacy of each treatment.

“Our beds are designed to be as close to the skin as possible, to every aspect of the body as possible,” Lori explains.

Other beds on the market with flat tanning-bed style designs tend to be less effective because the light emitted is further away from the skin, uneven and disbursed. After all, for Lori, power and effectiveness were key when selecting the beds.

“These beds have nearly 29,000 diodes, so they’re some of the more powerful ones on the market,” she says.

Lori and her fiancé, Chris Long—who also co-own BMW and Mini repair shop Bavarian Werkstatte and Jet Black Charter, a luxury private car service and airport charter—first explored red light therapy after a registered nurse friend suggested it as a solution for Lori’s chronic low back pain and scarring from a botched surgery. Back then, she targeted specific areas of her body using a red-light panel. Despite the time-consuming process, the results were “awesome,” according to Lori.

“We used it for two or three months before we decided to start looking at options for more advanced equipment,” Lori recounts. Their search led them to BodyBalance System, a manufacturer of red-light beds based in Las Vegas, which also happened to be operated by one of their business contacts.

The medical-grade beds at Red Bed Regeneration are cleared through the Food and Drug Administration and have been sold and distributed throughout various gyms, luxury spas and weight loss centers. They are even used by college athletes at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, Athletics Department.

To book sessions, Lori encourages clients to call or book online.

“We do an initial consultation at a discount that includes the first session. We also go through what issues they want to treat and offer some recommendations on a treatment plan,” she says.

Because red-light therapy yields the most benefit from cumulative sessions, packages are based on treatment plans as well as clients’ goals. Plans typically start at 6 sessions and go up to 36 sessions—which can be customized. Gift cards are also available, and holiday sales make gift cards a perfect holiday gift.

Red Bed Regeneration also offers other holistic health tools, including the Fit3D Body Scanner, a machine that captures and tracks health data, including body composition and posture, as well as Sea-Onic Footbath Detox treatments and Reiki Energy Healing.     

To book a session or consultation, please contact Lori at Red Bed Regeneration at 435.627.3391 or visit redbedregen.com. The facility is located at 1363 East Washington Dam Road, Suite 2, in Washington. 


DETAIL ONE: Promotes firmer, more radiant and smoother skin

DETAIL TWO: Increases fat loss and burns off fat

DETAIL THREE: Improves brain health and cognitive performance

DETAIL FOUR: Slows hair loss and stimulates hair growth

DETAIL FIVE: Decreases pain

DETAIL SIX: Lowers inflammation

DETAIL SEVEN: Improves circulation

 DETAIL EIGHT: Improves tendonitis, joint health and arthritis

DETAIL NINE: Improves body detoxification ability

DETAIL TEN: Improves oral health

DETAIL ELEVEN: Speeds up wound healing and scarring

DETAIL TWELVE: Reduces cellulite 

“Our red-light beds are exciting given the community that we have—people are health conscious and active," ‒ Lori Prenger

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