Healing with Food

“Let Food be thy Medicine and Let thy Medicine be your Food” -Hippocrates

Thirteen years ago, Katelyn Louise was a business student attending college at XXXX. She suddenly fell chronically and seriously ill, dropping some thirty-five pounds from her small frame. She sought consultation and treatment from numerous medical doctors, but no progress was made. Eventually, a naturopath diagnosed her with celiac disease, which caused her autoimmune system to ravage her body. 

“It was the best and worst day of my life.” 

Katelyn was not happy with the prospect of having to give up her favorite foods, but her health drastically and quickly improved once she cleaned out her pantry. To reset her body, she detoxed with a mix of fasting and juices. The improvement in her health was significant, inspiring her to relearn the basics of food, what to eat and how to cook it. Katelyn came to find that nutrition was of the utmost importance for her life and the lives of others.

During her research, she discovered Amy Rachelle, a naturopath in Bali. Amy’s mission is to “help you wake up your wisdom, helping you to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.” This resonated deeply with Katelyn. Soon after discovering Amy and her philosophy, Katelyn flew to Bali to attend Amy’s 10-day detox seminar. What was supposed to be a quick trip turned into a four-year stay. Initially an intern, Katelyn worked her way up to become an instructor, specializing in healing autoimmune diseases through low-glycemic, gluten-free, whole foods, while also emphasizing the importance of medicinal herbs and superfoods.

While in Bali, Katelyn met Elaina Love from Pure Joy Planet. She was a guest chef teaching a 3-week Raw Food Chef training and a 1-week detox training. Katelyn and Elaina decided to become partners in Pure Joy Planet, a holistic plant-based gluten-free culinary school in Tucson, Arizona. As a culinary instructor, she has taught hundreds of students about the symbiotic relationship between what we eat and how we feel. The school has equipped students with the skills they need to create meals that nourish them both physically and mentally. 

Pure Joy Planet has a plethora of services available, including detox sessions and both online and in-person culinary classes. The training is self-paced and focuses on eliminating foods that cause poor health, cleansing your system of toxins and learning about external stressors that affect the body. The classes encourage students to eat wholesome foods for one month to see how it works for them individually. This typically motivates the students to want to learn more! 

Katelyn has a Fifth Dimension Foods booth at Heirloom Farmer’s Market in Rillito Park on Sundays where you can purchase vegan gluten-free desserts, breads and personal items. Everything she offers is organic and of the best quality. 

Interested in learning more? Check out the website: https://www.purejoyplanet.com

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