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Kris Gethin’s Guide to Transforming Your Health, Body and Confidence!

Article by Kris Gethin

Photography by Johnathan Conti

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

For the past 20 years, I have studied health, fitness and performance while personally testing every nutritional protocol and bio-hack imaginable in a quest to unleash the full power of the human body while enhancing longevity. During that time and across multiple global platforms, I have provided more than 150 million people with life-changing content to transform their bodies, health and self-confidence.

Successful Portion Control

Portion control is not a new concept, but sustaining it successfully is something less than 10% of dieters manage to maintain. The composition of your diet is immensely important; you should pay special attention to optimizing your protein and fiber intake because of their critical roles in managing blood sugar levels. My clients experience an almost effortless transition into portion control because their adjusted diets enable their bodies to thrive, rather than feel malnourished or starved.

Micronutrient Density Matters

To become healthier, perform better, add muscle and look younger while losing fat you must eat food rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, digestive enzymes, good bacteria and antioxidants. Green veggies, fermented foods and berries are great examples of foods that deliver these things. Avoid processed foods with artificial ingredients.

Combat Inflammation Head-On

Eating a diet abundant in micronutrients, eliminating any foods which cause gastric distress, managing stress and staying hydrated have had profoundly positive effects on inflammation control. Reducing inflammation improves health, enhances quality-of-life, slows chronological aging and accelerates both fat loss and muscle building.

Hydration Improves Almost Everything

Digestion, energy, performance, blood pressure, immunity, metabolic output and the health of your body’s largest organ—your skin—all experience positive effects when hydration is prioritized. This is possibly the quickest way to improve health, energy, clarity, performance and fat loss within a matter of days. Adding natural electrolytes to your water also helps further your state of hydration; I personally consume around one gallon per day.

Train Intelligently

Training with intensity is a non-negotiable part of transforming your body composition quickly—and intensity is my trademark! However, you must think smart while training or risk falling into the trap that more is always better. This is not necessarily the case! Using strategically planned resistance training combined with cardio exercise, your body can quickly burn body fat and become much healthier in the process.

Exercise in the Beautiful Outdoors

Getting outside and allowing your lungs to breath fresh air can reduce respiratory issues caused by air-conditioned rooms. It is soothing for the mind and allows for vitamin D and melatonin production, which can help reduce cortisol. By gaining control of cortisol secretion, your microbiome gut health can improve dramatically, as will your concentration and quality of life.

My love for exercising outdoors started in my home country of Wales, a small and lush land famous for rolling hills and wet weather. After moving to the U.S. for a partnership opportunity in Boise, I immediately fell in love with the Idaho landscape that is now at the heart of my outdoor-oriented, fun and healthy lifestyle.

An Invitation

I’m excited to have chosen Sun Valley to host my four-day, all-inclusive health and fitness retreat Oct. 9-13. This small-group training experience will be packed with fun outdoor exercise, fitness training tips and bio-hacks, and an enormous wealth of educational content. This is a life-changing, transformative opportunity based at one of the finest health clubs I’ve found in my extensive world travels, Zenergy Health Club and Spa. Lodging and meeting spaces are being provided by our partner The Limelight Hotel. Locals will receive a special “no lodging” price option. 


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