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World Class Elite Physicals Brings Patient-Centric Approach to Executives

What if the same health care system developed for athletes was offered to corporate executives and leadership teams—the athletes of the business world?  

This is the premise behind the groundbreaking, KC-based Elite Physicals. Co-founded two years ago by Dr. Neal Erickson, team physician for Sporting KC, Elite Physicals has created a new standard for what an executive physical should be. Instead of an annual physical leading to a labyrinth of specialists, appointments, costs and confusion, Elite Physicals offers an entire year of physician concierge service that brings a multi-disciplinary team of 30 specialists to you. You don’t get lost in the paperwork, and by YOU, they mean all of you—physical, mental, and emotional you.

“Health care shouldn’t be confusing or time-consuming,” says Lindsey Weathers, Co-founder and Managing Partner. “At Elite, the patient is at the center, and providers come to the patient.”

A Patient-Centric Approach

Weathers says that Dr. Erickson, who’s been with Sporting KC since its inception 25 years ago, developed a comprehensive physical for the players with a patient-centric approach that is now being offered to the metro’s business executives. 

With the state-of-the-art training facilities at the Pinnacle National Development Center, along with partner facilities at St. Joseph Medical Center for small-tier and wellness programs, Elite Physicals employs leading-edge technology, advanced testing and a team approach with 30+ providers on contract.

“These are the best providers in KC with their own highly successful practices,” Weathers says. “They collaborate using the figurative round table with the patient in the middle. The providers gather around and deduce what’s best for the patient. The exercise physiologist is talking with the orthopedic surgeon talking with the radiologist who’s gathering information from the nutritionist who’s overlooking labs and scheduling prescreening, and it’s all managed by Dr. Erickson. It’s what true primary care providers should be—liaisons of medicine.”

Elite Physicals is regarded as the most in-depth health and wellness program in the nation. With detailed comparison charts to clinics such as Mayo, Duke and Cleveland, Elite Physicals outperforms by a landslide.

“We simply blow our competitors out of the water,” Weathers says. “I’m so proud of how it’s set apart from others.”

A Team By Your Side

Weathers, who managed Dr. Erickson’s practice and has an HR/Leadership background, says that her research revealed a need to be proactive in managing patient care. With Elite’s third partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Emad Aboul-Hosn, the team believes it’s positioned to be a pioneer and representative of what healthcare should look like.

“Far too much responsibility is put on patients’ shoulders to navigate through an industry they aren’t keen on,” Weathers says. “Not only should healthcare providers deliver the news and delegate next steps, but proper patient care requires a guide to walk them through this process.”

Weathers says that almost without fail, when a health concern is identified by the team, it would not have shown up in a typical insurance-covered exam. (A positive side effect of Elite’s innovative approach is to incite insurance companies to cover more preventative costs because early detection of diseases and lifestyle habits have become more relevant to long-term health.)

“Our exams are offered to everyone, but not everyone can afford that out-of-pocket, so we offer different tiers and can spread the cost over several years,” Weathers says. “However, most executives do like to complete as many tests as possible within the first year. They understand the benefits of the tests for microbiome, DNA, pharmacogenetic, etc.”

Weathers knows firsthand what it’s like to take back her health with the help of Elite. In the past 2½ years, she has lost 240 pounds by taking charge of her healthcare in the same way she has succeeded in other areas of her life, such as business and coaching, particularly coaching veterans.

“Veterans are a passion for us, and we hope to work with the VA for true change in healthcare. We partner with After Action Network and have a Buy-One-Vet-One program where for a small fee increase, executives can support a local veteran through the program.” 

“There’s no better way for business owners and top executives to reward their top employees than with an Elite physical.” — Frank Boal, Missouri Sports Hall of Fame broadcaster

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