Healthy Hair Care is on Trend

Natural solutions for beautiful looks

With the popularity of organic and natural products, many consumers are looking for alternatives to hair products containing chemicals such as parabens and sulfates. Some people go the very natural route, using avocado, honey and chamomile on their hair, while others prefer to buy items that are less messy and formulated to provide hair with multiple benefits.

At Trendz Color & Design Salon in Florham Park, you can find a whole line of natural products. “People want beautiful hair, but they also want to avoid putting chemicals in their hair while also protecting the planet,” says owner, Raul Grippaldi. “People are looking to live greener lifestyles.”

Without sulfate, shampoos don’t have that foamy lather that some people prefer; however, shampoo doesn’t have to have a thick lather to clean well.

Trendz products contain natural ingredients such as “Pinot Noir” grape seeds, which help protect hair cells against damage from environmental influences. “We use it for lasting and permanent protection of sensitive hair cells,” he says.

The ingredient, Solamer GR8, provides innovative color protection by blocking UV-A and UV-B radiation. Another product contains keratin and provides hair repair using a mix of amino acids and proteins that mimic those of hair.

Other natural ingredients include biotin, argan oil, and black oats. These oats are responsible for the build-up and regulation of hair cells. “It works against frizzing of the hair, prevents premature hair loss and makes brittle hair elastic,” says Raul.

In the case of hair loss, either from illness, genetics or other factors, Trendz also offers high-quality extensions and wigs. “We provide natural hair extensions for women looking to add volume and length,” he says. “With older women, it’s usually because they’re losing hair, but with younger women, it’s usually because they want longer hair. We have younger girls coming in that have very thin, shorter hair, so we add extensions for a longer and fuller look.”

Raul explains that it’s very important to have someone who is highly trained not only put in the extensions but also remove them. “You must be certified to use them or even to buy them because extensions can really ruin your hair if not done right,” he says. “A lot of extensions use glue, wax and heat to bond them into your natural hair. With Great Lengths, the product we use, that bonding is done using keratin, a compound whose molecular structure closely resembles the structure and behavior of human hair: expanding when exposed to water and contracting upon drying. When you remove the extensions, your hair is in the same condition as when you put them in.”

For customers who need more hair than extensions provide, the salon also offers a private and intimate wig boutique. Consultations are done by appointment so women can take their time to find the natural-looking wig that fits their style. Trendz can wash and professionally dry all of these wigs as well.

To learn more, go to trendzsalon.com.

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