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Tulsa vet offers laparoscopic surgery for dogs and cats

It’s estimated that nearly 70 percent of U.S. households have a pet in the home. So, pet care is something most of us can relate to. Like human medicine, technology is allowing veterinarians to operate with minimal risk using laparoscopic techniques.

Dr. Troy McNamara and Dr. Khris Keller of the Animal Emergency Center of Tulsa is one of four veterinary offices in Oklahoma offering laparoscopic surgery for pets. What is laparoscopic surgery? Small incisions are made in the skin and tiny cameras and tools are inserted.

The advantages far outweigh any cost difference between traditional and laparoscopic operations. With traditional surgery, there are bigger incisions and longer recovery times, not to mention a bigger infection risk.

“Pets end up feeling a lot more comfortable after a laparoscopic procedure and most of the time can go home the same day. That makes everyone feel better,” says McNamara.

The technique also can be used for non-emergent procedures such as spaying and biopsies. Another instance is a gastropexy. Some breeds of dogs are prone to their stomachs twisting, resulting in a painful surgery. Gastropexy can be done on canines preemptively by tacking the stomach to the abdominal wall so it won’t twist in the first place.

Laparoscopy allows the doctor to see things that may be missed by traditional surgery. “We use it for airway exams to see what is causing an animal to cough, foreign body removal and even look for potential tumors,” explains McNamara, adding that they are able to use a lot less sedation in most cases.

McNamara has been with the clinic for 24 years. The staff consists of six full-time and two part-time veterinarians along with a staff of loyal and dedicated members. Together they comprise 120 years of experience.

Animal Emergency Center is open 24-hours a day, Monday-Sunday and is located at 4055 S. 102nd East Ave. Find them online at AECTulsa.com or call 918.665.0508.

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