Healthy Kids

GreenPeach helps teens' physical and mental health through supplemental nutrition.

When mealtimes don’t supply all the nutrition your child needs, finding the right supplements to suit both their bodies and taste buds can feel like a monumental task. GreenPeach’s mission is to help parents and caregivers like you do the most important job in the world: keep your children healthy. This is an especially precious task for parents who care for children on special diets or who have special needs, a mission that GreenPeach takes seriously.

We’re featuring three of their leading nutritional products that match high expectations for supplements that are good for children, teens, and adults. They are non-GMO, no sugar added, no artificial colors or flavors, 100% vegetarian, gluten-free, yeast-free, kosher and halal-friendly, and proudly made in the USA.            

Immune Boost

Organic Elderberry Syrup, Zinc & Vitamin C for Toddlers, Children, and Adults

The Liquid Immune Boost supplement contains a mixture of essential vitamins and minerals that supports immune functions to help children thrive. The natural flavoring of our formula is a favorite amongst all age groups and can be taken as is or in your preferred beverage of choice. Your child’s health improves as a result of consuming all the essential vitamins and minerals in the form of one perfect blend. 

Liquid Natural Multiple Vitamin Supplement

GreenPeach Advanced Multiple Vitamin is a complete, specially formulated liquid supplement with a premium blend of fruits and vegetables designed to offer optimal prebiotic fiber support. Specially made for both adults and kids, and for your comfort and safety, it contains no gluten, no soy, and no artificial colors or preservatives. The liquid formula is vegan (it contains no animal products), non-GMO, and has a natural fruit flavor-packed with antioxidants and essential amino acids that are easily absorbed to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. This liquid formula goes down easy: it can be drizzled on cereals, stirred into drinks, or taken by the spoonful daily.

Customers & Wholesale

GreenPeach is an e-commerce business that makes it easy for individuals and wholesalers to order from anywhere in the US. Individual customers should order directly from their website, For wholesale inquiries, send an email to with a request for a wholesale vendor application.  

Liquid Calcium Supplement w/ Magnesium, Zinc & D3 

Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc are scientifically developed and formulated to provide nutrients for bone support as well as nerve, muscle, and metabolic reactions. The combination of ingredients used in this formula helps with absorption and effectively delivers nutrients to vital body organs. Our Fiber Blend is a unique addition to this formula to assist with efficient absorption. And to please the “pickiest” eaters, our flavors are one-of-a-kind and give an added incentive to take this vitamin supplement regularly.

The GreenPeach Foundation

GreenPeach does more than sell vitamins. Prior to the pandemic, the GreenPeachFoundation in Anaheim provided face-to face-programs for teens to support their mental and physical health. GreenPeach was also a strong presence at local health expos and fundraisers with the aim of countering malnourishment, depression, and anxiety that is too often prevalent in adolescents and teens. Currently, GreenPeach is able to help parents and teens through their informative website, which provides links to a plethora of helpful and positive articles (a must-read for parents) to shed light on the emotional, mental, and physiological changes teens experience during the journey through adolescence. The message of GreenPeach is to help one another by coming together, because “No one succeeds alone.”

To order from GreenPeach and to learn more about their Foundation’s events and programs, visit

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