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Every year, we celebrate Earth Day during the month of April. In recognition of this event, many people learn new ways to help preserve our ecosystem. From recycling waste to purchasing products made with sustainable manufacturing, there are many things that we can do to improve our environment.

However, along with the natural world, there is yet another area of preservation that we don’t often consider – taking care of our own bodies.

As we move deeper into spring and approach summer, it is a good time to investigate things that we can do to sustain and improve our skin health.

This month, Hendersonville Lifestyle sat down with local physicians Margaret Mann and Daniel Popkin of Innova Dermatology, to learn what we can all do to take care of our body’s largest organ.

Innova Dermatology opened its doors in Hendersonville in May 2019. Unlike most dermatology offices, Innova is a medically-oriented academic practice that reflects the background of its two principals.

Dr. Mann is a board-certified Mohs skin cancer surgeon and an expert in the treatment of venous disease. She is also an internationally-known speaker and educator who has trained many fellow physicians in the fields of cosmetic procedures and the treatment of venous disease.

Dr. Popkin, Dr. Mann’s husband and business partner, is a board-certified dermatologist who treats patients with various skin conditions. He is also a dedicated clinical researcher with a passion for immunology and the treatment of long-standing viral infections, such as HIV.

Due to the nature of their specialized skills, the duo has spent a lot of time traveling around the country, including stops at Washington University in St. Louis and Case Western University in Cleveland. However, after the birth of their son, they decided that it was time to settle down.

“Family concerns have always driven a lot of our decisions, and when we decided to open a medical practice, we wanted to do it closer to home,” says Dr. Mann. “We chose Hendersonville because it was a very friendly, family-oriented community, and it was close to where Daniel grew up in Nashville.”

Innova offers all of the traditional services, including general and cosmetic dermatology, skin cancer surgery and vein treatments. However, the practice is different from most of the competition in several ways.

“Unlike a lot of other dermatology practices, we are family-owned – we are your neighbors,” says Dr. Mann. “We are also committed to fee transparency. We make certain that our patients understand our billing before treatment. We don’t want them receiving surprise bills.”

Innova is also the only local practice with two board-certified dermatologists on staff.

“We make sure that every patient gets seen by a dermatologist,” says Dr. Popkin. “There are only the two of us, and we are always here. A lot of other practices only have a physician on-site a day or two a week.”

Along with expert medical care, Innova also differentiates itself through its customer service.

“We understand our patients’ busy schedules, and we try to see them on the same day, or at least the same week,” says Dr. Mann. “We treat our patients and our employees like family.”

Innova Dermatology

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Healthy Skin Tips

1.     Follow the ABCs of good skin care. A is for vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the skin. B is for Broad Spectrum sun screen, including physical and chemical blockers. C is for vitamin C, another antioxidant that promotes skin health.

2.     Minimize sun exposure and avoid tanning beds - both are associated with skin damage, including cancers. Unlike tanning beds, spray tans are fine. Remember – sun-tanned skin is not a sign of good health.

3.     Watch for signs of skin cancer using the “ABCDE” scale for moles. A is for Asymmetry – uneven or misshaped. B is for Border – irregular edges. C is for Color – multiple colors. D is for Diameter – moles larger than a pencil eraser. E is for Evolution – moles that change.

4.     Visit your dermatologist. The time to begin seeing a dermatologist varies by several factors, including age, personal skin conditions and family history. The prevalence of all types of skin cancer increases with age, including melanoma, basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas.

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