Healthy Smiles for the Whole Family

Back to School dental and orthodontic check-ups can save those healthy smiles for a lifetime.

What is the best age to get a child's first dental check-up?

Your child should first see a dentist when their first tooth appears, and no later than his or her first birthday! It is important to expose your child to the dental office environment when they are young. One dental visit when there’s one tooth can equal ZERO cavities! A 2016 study in Alabama showed that children who did not see a dentist until age two to three were “more likely to have subsequent preventive, restorative, and emergency dental visits.”

What can a child expect at his or her first check-up?

The first visit will be mostly educational. The dentist will check that your child is on track with their dental growth and development and will go over some important skills for parents to keep their child healthy and cavity-free. It is important to establish a dental home so your child’s oral health and development can be tracked comprehensively over the years. It is important to expose your child to the dental office when they are young when it is just a simple checkup, rather than having their first experience getting a filling or having a tooth pulled out.

Are baby teeth really that important?

Primary, or baby teeth, certainly are important as they help your child eat naturally, speak clearly, and aid in keeping the space for their permanent teeth to come in. Unnecessary loss of baby teeth can be a big toll on your child’s self-confidence, but can also affect their smile when they grow up.

When should I schedule a dental exam and cleaning? 

One important thing to add to your Back to School checklist is a visit to the dental office for a dental check-up. Cavities are the most common chronic disease found in children today. Studies have shown that children have missed more than 51 million school hours each year with visits to the dental office for dental procedures. Prevention and early detection is key to avoiding future problems and avoid unnecessary school absences. When you make your child’s appointment for the pediatrician, make sure to schedule one for their teeth as well!

When should I consider an orthodontic check-up?

American Academy of Orthodontics recommends children receive an orthodontic check-up no later than age seven. Even if your child’s teeth appear straight, the dentist may be able to identify any development problems or modifications in growth patterns while the baby teeth are still present. In some cases, they may determine that your child will benefit from early treatment preventing more serious problems from arising in the future. Every child is different in their growth, development, and treatment needs. Going in for an orthodontic checkup at an early age gives your child the best opportunity for a great smile.

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