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The Nurses, Marcia, Megan Casterline, Liz, and Cindy

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Heart For Health

The Resource Center

Article by Celena Cisco

Photography by MB Film and Photo

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

The Resource Center has a history of walking alongside women and fulfilling medical needs of expectant mothers. Dedicated to privacy and care, the medical team at the Resource Center offers education, medical services, and one-on-one support. Their heart is to help and support each woman who walks through the door. Each person involved with the center is specifically recruited to make sure each woman receives the total care she needs.

The Resource Center offers many different services to help expectant mothers. Gail Holmes, executive director at the Resource Center, shares that the biggest service they offer is pregnancy testing. However, running a simple test is not the only thing the nurses are tasked with. “Our nurses give a gift of education to the expectant mothers,” Gail emphasizes, “many mothers come in with questions surrounding pregnancy that an at-home pregnancy test doesn’t always answer.” The Resource Center desires to create a place where mothers can come in and ask any question, knowing that their privacy will be a top priority. All the services offered by the Resource Center are free meaning no insurance is required for any kind of visit or service received. 

The heart for the community and individuals that the Resource Center serves is not just held by the medical staff but by volunteers as well. All the greeters at the center are volunteers who love what the nonprofit does for the community. There are also volunteers who are advocates for each client who walks through the door. The advocate listens to the client’s needs, answers any questions, and helps introduce the client to the nurse. “The advocate can be used as much or as little as the client desires.” Gail explains, “our advocates are eager to walk alongside these women and make sure their needs are being met.” If you are looking to get involved, the Resource Center is always looking for volunteers dedicated to the community and helping expectant mothers.

  • The Nurses, Marcia, Megan Casterline, Liz, and Cindy
  • Dr. Puls at the Resource Center
  • The Resource Center