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Hello, Nanny!

These Unique 'Parent Partners' Help Balance Work/Life Needs For Families

Article by Julie Brown Patton

Photography by Arrington Media

Originally published in Frisco City Lifestyle

Qualified career nannies provide an all-important array of childcare and household benefits to families of various combinations, asserts Stephanie Fornaro, co-owner and family intake specialist of Hello, Nanny! -- a newly launched boutique nanny agency based in Plano. 

Stephanie and co-owner Marie Mouat, who also serves as nanny placement specialist, say they launched the agency to provide local parents with career nannies who are highly competent, thoroughly screened, compatible and tremendously reliable.

"What differentiates our company is that our nannies have a wealth of skills they provide, oftentimes approaches that we haven't thought of ourselves as parents," says Stephanie, who says her nanny routinely got compliance from her son in ways that she, herself, didn't know to try. 

"Parents typically think they have to take on everything and do it all. With a nanny who does light housekeeping, such as children's sheets, and some meal prepping, I could come home and enjoy being a mom," she adds. "Hiring a nanny was one of the best decisions we ever made."

She says advanced levels of interpersonal and child development techniques are what sets apart Hello, Nanny! representatives, especially from typical babysitters and child-care workers. "Nannies can be an especially essential augmentation for single parents, and parents who travel for jobs," she adds. 

"Knowledgeable nannies bring so many helpful tips to the table. And our focus is on cultivating lasting relationships and providing value through these partnerships," asserts Stephanie. 

Parents being able to disconnect from 24/7 parenting safely and with peace of mind so they can focus on each other, themselves or dating is an added bonus of nannies, she says. "Having children often leaves little time for moms and dads, but having a nanny changes that, it allows married couples to still date, too."

Marie adds, "We have a streamlined approach to providing a successful matchmaking process that's less stressful than attempting the journey alone to find caregivers."

In general, Marie says three in 10 resumes for their positions are forwarded to the next round, with one in three making a final cut to be considered. She outlines the nanny interview process as having at least five separate components. "Of course, it starts with someone's training and education, but we go far beyond resumes, references and background checks," she adds. 

Other considerations of the Hello, Nanny! the proprietary process includes elaborating on work experiences, and verifying certifications or professional training. Marie says they also explore customized approaches to child care, such as favorite games, activities, educational practices, parenting styles and emergency procedures. Then she says lifestyle factors are discussed, such as a nanny's hobbies, willingness to cook or do laundry, ability to travel with families, affinity to sports or arts and use of social media tools. 

"Another area we explore is what job description and compensation someone is seeking," says Marie. "Along with their interest or ability to handle weekend or evening hours, overall availability, type of housework preferred and their personal transportation status."

On the flip side, Stephanie says the potential match and offering with parents include ensuring that compensation, benefits, schedules, household responsibilities, parenting styles, start dates and employee status (W2 / private or hybrid) are rigorously discussed and agreed upon. 

Marie and Stephanie provide draft agreements and unique working trials once a match has been made. They offer three tiers of services:  a 90-day program with a replacement guarantee; a 120-day guarantee; and a 1-year guarantee. 

"Stay-at-home moms also can incorporate nannies because they, too, deserve lunch breaks, to be able to run errands, and showers," reminds Stephanie. 

In lieu of the costs of commercial daycare, Stephanie says hiring a nanny can be a big cost-savings, given the money saved in transportation and the benefits of children being able to stay in their own homes. 

"Nannies also come in handy on date nights or on vacations. While traveling, it's more relaxing to share child supervision, and you can have the best of both worlds," she suggests. 

She says parents who are the best candidates for Hello, Nanny! placements are ones who approach the arrangement with open hearts and minds, provide mutual love and respect, and treat nannies as extensions of the family. 

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  • Hello, Nanny! co-owners Stephanie Fornaro (left) and Marie Mouat, with their own children.
  • Hello, Nanny! co-owners Stephanie Fornaro (left) and Marie Mouat,.
  • Family of Hello, Nanny! co-owner Stephanie Fornaro with their personal nanny.