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Gus and Leo, fur babies of Katilin

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Tutor Doctor Brings a Unique, and Effective, Approach to Tutoring

"The single most important factor in our tutoring success is selecting the right tutor for the student's goals and personality,” says Kimberly Selchan, owner of Tutor Doctor Chandler-Gilbert.

The company, which offers one-on-one tutoring for kids in elementary school through undergraduate college classes, SAT and ACT prep, and writing college essays, takes a different approach to guiding children through learning than a typical private tutor or learning center.

They go to great lengths to understand the child and meet them where they are, with both learning style and academics.

To begin with, no one is just assigned a random tutor who happens to know the subject requested. Instead, as Selchan mentioned, they’re deliberately matched with someone who will best be equipped to help.

“We really rely on the diversity of our tutoring team, and their personalities and teaching styles are all part of the criteria for the matching for each student,” she says.

It all begins with a phone or Zoom consultation. Selchan, or an education consultant (a certified teacher), speaks with a parent or guardian, and oftentimes even the child briefly.

“What they say [the child], even in such a short period of time, is so impactful. We can tell what type of tutor they need. Are they highly motivated but struggling for reasons such as low executive functioning? Do they dread school but don't want the consequences of failing? We match based on the subject, location, and availability, then the goals and personality of the add student,” Selchan explains.

This process takes place whether the tutoring is for just a few hours or will be ongoing.

There are also cognitive assessments to identify how each child learns—such as if they’re auditory learners or visual learners—in order to create a personalized learning plan. The tutor then adapts their teaching techniques to present material and work with a child in a way that’s most beneficial to them.

“We also ask permission to speak with the teacher so we can get feedback on what they perceive as the challenges, or to let us know what are working on. And it’s not that every kid is struggling, some are trying to get ahead, too,” Selchan says.

With a team of nearly 90 tutors, they are available at a variety of times, including evenings and weekends, and typically meet at the student’s home. 

There are also tutors available who specialize in homeschooling, as well as special education.

“Tutor Doctor is designed to be what the student needs,” Selchan says. “And we’re here to help families in any way they need. It’s very flexible.”

“Working with Tutor Doctor has been a rewarding experience,” says high school math and science tutor Brian. “I enjoy connecting with the students and presenting the material in a way that is interesting and makes the concepts intuitive to the learner. I'm looking forward to moving forward with the company and am happy to contribute to the next generation of education.”

Selchan launched the Chandler-Gilbert location of Tutor Doctor in January 2019. At the beginning, she was a one-woman show. But through word-of-mouth, parents and students kept reaching out, and within a year, it had grown to include a team of specialized tutors—most of whom live locally in the East Valley—across a variety of subjects.

“I’m really, really proud of the reputation we’ve built and the pride our parents now have in the children's growth,” Selchan says. “There isn’t "one-size-fits-all," and tutoring is not a forever thing. It’s fluid. Don’t let your kid lose confidence when they can have support.

“At the end of the school year, my inbox was active with parents thanking us for how much of a transformation they saw in their kid, not only in grades, but self-confidence and pride. It’s awesome. And hearing from our tutors how much their students have grown—knowing they’ve done a great job, when a kid comes home proud that they got a good grade — that is so fulfilling.”

One of those parents was Sharee.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Tutor Doctor,” Sharee shares. “They’re easy to communicate with and were so quick to staff us with a tutor. The tutor has been fabulous to work with. But I like that I still get calls from Tutor Doctor checking in. Summer is so kind to be flexible with us as our schedule is crazy. She’s taken the time to study the curriculum our kids are using in her spare time to make herself the best possible for my kids. I recommend them to everyone.”

“We have a lot of five-star reviews, and we’ve earned them,” Selchan says.

Tutors, Kids & Pets

As much as we give our pets, they often give us so much more. Not only can they bring comfort and joy to students and their families—and often can help ease students’ anxiety—but many of Tutor Doctor’s tutors are also pet parents, and find comfort in their pet's presence.

“Our pets are our support people, too, and our tutors will often share stories about how after long day, their pets were a comforting presence when they got home,” Selchan says.

It also sometimes helps when tutors talk about their pets to their students who have pets—it’s a way to form a connection.

“They love their pets just like you. Tutors have personalities, too. They’re loving

  • Kimberly Selchan, owner of Tutor Doctor Chandler-Gilbert
  • Fur babies of Charme
  • Tutor Katilin
  • Gus and Leo, fur babies of Katilin
  • Tutor Charme
  • Fur baby of Charme
  • Fur baby of Charme

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