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Helping Drivers Get The Most Mileage Out Of Their Relationships With Their Cars

Americans love their automobiles, but the relationship is one-sided. Because no matter what you do, at some point your car is going to let you down.

While you can’t prevent normal wear and tear, there are things you can do to mitigate the repair bills. One of those is finding a reliable repair shop, preferably one that’s near your home and/or along the routes you travel frequently. That shop should have ASE-certified technicians and use OEM parts. And the people who work there should become familiar faces and treat you like a guest.

Grassland Car Care Center in Franklin checks all those boxes.

“I’m not in the automotive repair business, I’m in the people business,” says owner Jeff George. “We have a good team in place and everything we do is transparent. We will never up-sell you.”

Grassland Car Care Center (GCCC) has been serving its guests since 1995. George, a U.S. Army Veteran, has been with the business for nearly five years, and was shop manager before purchasing the business from the original owner last year. Eric Eagleson, the shop’s ASE Master Technician, has been with GCCC for 10 years and is a part-owner of the business. Several area dealers and other shops send vehicles to GCCC just so Eric can solve the tough problems that they cannot.

GCCC services all domestic and import makes and models and carries all major tire brands. Loaner cars are available for a nominal fee of $25.00 for as long as your car is in for service. Each invoice – even if it’s for something as mundane as new windshield wipers – may be redeemed for up to $150.00 to cover the cost of roadside assistance such as tows and lockouts. And all service comes with a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

“We want our guests to come to us for every oil change because our technicians will examine every major system on your vehicle while it’s in the air,” says George. “Typically, we can alert you to a major repair, thousands of miles before it’s due. Come to us regularly and you can plan accordingly.”

George says he and his team take every job personally. “Sometimes a guest will call right after they pick up their vehicle and I think, ‘oh no, did we do something wrong?’ But it’s almost always to tell us how great their car or truck is driving. That’s what makes this job worthwhile.”

In other words, they’ll go out of their way to ensure that your relationship with your automobile is a two-way street. No matter what your car may think about it.

 Oil changes and tire rotations at regular intervals.
 Annual alignment.
 Proper tire inflation.
 “Listening” to your car. If something sounds or feels unusual, take it in for service.

  • The staff at GCCC. Owner Jeff George (right) with his 10-month-old lab, Charlie.
  • ASE Master Tech Eric Eagleson