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Early lessons lead to career assisting patients

Spencer Dupre witnessed early in life the difference one can make in someone’s life, with belief and a willingness to work.

One of his earliest memories at 3 years old, was with his mother in a hospital after she suffered a severe spinal cord injury. He recalled his mother's hard work and determination to overcome the odds and walking again.

“The physical therapist didn’t have to take a chance to help my mom walk again. But they did and because she had a kid at home, she was willing to do everything in her power to walk again,” Dupre said.

That lesson is at the heart of his practice, Empower Chiropractic. 

From his clinic at the Settlers Center in Argyle, he’s not only helping families and individuals with pain but serving children with developmental and sensory challenges thrive.

“It’s amazing to sit across from a mom with a 2-year-old with autism and you help them thrive and add life to their days,” Dupre said. “My specialty is kids on the spectrum and sensory process disorders. I help them move around the world.”

He specializes in working with infants, toddlers and kids to make sure they have a clear and functioning nervous system. He also works with new and expecting mothers. 

Dupre knew early in life that he wanted to help others.

He acted on a suggestion to visit a chiropractor and ended up finding his calling.

He spent his senior year of high school shadowing the local chiropractor in his small Louisiana town.

“I appreciated the fact I could impact people’s lives,” Dupre said.

Dupre quickly pursued his education. Spencer studied kinesiology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette before moving to the Metroplex to attend chiropractic school. He obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, while subsequently completing a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and another in Health and Wellness.

“I moved with a purpose,” Dupre said. “I knew where I was going. I felt a calling and a purpose.”

In his practice, he takes the time to listen to his patients, along with working with them to figure out what they are not telling him.

“I wanted to be the doctor to say I hope I am able to help you,” Dupre said. “It doesn’t matter why they are coming in. I listen to what they are telling me, and what they are not telling me.”

That includes what their pain may be preventing them from doing, playing with their grandchildren, or get on the floor with their kids.

“People will move through discomfort until there’s a big enough goal,” Dupre said. “We are working to get people value back to their lives and to the people they love.”

He also wants to empower his patients and help them realize they can heal themselves without medicine or surgery in many cases.

“God doesn’t make mistakes when he makes people,” Dupre said “It’s super empowering and freeing when you realize you have everything you need to feel better and live your best life.”

“God doesn’t make mistakes when he makes people. It’s super empowering and freeing when you realize you have everything you need to feel better and live your best life.”

Dr. Spencer Dupre

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