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Helping the Medical Field

With Prime Financial Services, a local wealth management firm, a family business

A generational wealth management firm out of Wilton, Prime Financial Services, was started by CEO Jason Wein's grandfather over 65 years ago. Through the years, he and the team have helped guide physicians throughout the country with their financial needs. "We share strategies like managing their debt, building a businesses or practices, and helping them gain financial independence with specific and time-tested financial planning," Wein tells Greenwich Lifestyle.

Their process is unique, educating medical professionals and using the newest technologies to help them gain financial freedom. The team at Prime spends time with them throughout their career (residency through retirement) teaching them strategies to obtain the goals and prepare them so that they can make sound financial decisions.

Prime is an educational based firm. Most financial planning firms are statistical and tactical. They use data and research to guide their financial advice, but lead with the process of sharing knowledge. "We spend about half of our time presenting financial education seminars inside hospitals, universities, and private practices and groups. Our firms believes that leading with honest advice and education is the best way to help the medical community gain financial freedom," Wein explains. 

The wealth management firm has been focused on servicing the medical market for 65 plus years. During that time, Prime has tailored their firm to offer services that are specific to the needs of that culture. By focusing in on this discipline, it has allowed them to guide medical professionals through common pitfalls, while showing some advantages that we can see on their world. 

One of their most distinctive, successful offerings is a nationally known seminar series, sought out by many practices and hospitals to help them educate their community. Prime presents on many topics, such as tax planning, financial/wealth 101s, managing debt, building a practice, and overall financial growth. "Throughout the series, we provide enough information and tools for them to implement a sound financial strategy. if someone believes that they would personally like to handle their own finances, these presentations will give them enough information for them to attempt that. If in turn, they feel like they need some help, our team is ready to for them. The information that we present will allow them to figure out what areas they need the most work in," Wein says, "To be honest, I don’t think we believed that educating the community through our seminar series would be as rewarding as it is. It is awesome to go to industry (Medical and Financial) events and be recognized as an educator and a great resource."

For over 6 decades, the team at Prime has continued to hone their services and fit the demand from the medical world at large. Whether you need legal, tax, or financial advice they are prepared to assist. 

To learn more about Prime, you can visit their website: 

"The wealth management firm has been focused on servicing the medical market for more than six decades."