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Meet Diana Badr, the woman behind Troy's new Mathnasium learning center, who knows firsthand the life-changing power of math. As a student with ADD, Diana struggled with math during her time at Troy's Larson Middle School, almost failing seventh-grade math. However, her mother's intervention led her on a path of transformation, ultimately preparing her to become a math teacher herself.

Today, alongside her business partner, Todd Byrne, Diana is on a mission to help students excel in math through her Mathnasium learning center (mathnasium.com/troy/about). The center is offering free student assessments just in time for the new school year.

"Mathnasium can change the trajectory of your child's life," says Diana, a qualified educator with degrees in Mathematics and Education. She currently teaches Honors Geometry and Precalculus at Stoney Creek High School. Diana emphasizes that the disruptions caused by COVID have left many students falling behind in math, but Mathnasium can bridge the gap and help them get back on track.

The results speak for themselves, with 94% of parents reporting improved math skills and understanding in their children after joining Mathnasium, and 90% of students noting an improvement in their grades. It's no wonder Diana was passionate about bringing this program to her hometown.

Having grown up in Troy, attended its public schools and spent most of her life here, Diana has a strong connection to the community. Her involvement in various local activities, from working in the Troy Community Center to instructing at the Troy Aquatics Center and helping with the kids' camp at the Troy Farm, underscores her commitment to the well-being of Troy's youth.

When Diana and Todd were searching for a business opportunity, they aimed to serve the community where she had her educational journey. Recognizing the absence of the math program she once attended, Diana saw the need for Mathnasium and seized the opportunity to make a positive impact on Troy's students.

Mathnasium's unique approach to math education begins with a complimentary evaluation for each student. This allows instructors to identify knowledge gaps and tailor personalized programs to help students catch up or excel. The focus is on making the learning process engaging and enjoyable.

Diana's eyes light up as she shares stories of students who have achieved remarkable progress. One student, initially testing at a first-grade level, climbed to the fourth grade within just six months. High school students typically witness a 20% grade increase within three months, while elementary students can advance a full grade level in the same timeframe.

In the wake of COVID's disruptions, many students are struggling to catch up, with some classes lagging an entire year behind the expected levels. Mathnasium not only makes math fun by offering rewards, including an Xbox, for completing work at the center, but it also provides individualized attention to each student, eschewing homework to maximize their focus and productivity.

The diverse team of 12 instructors at Mathnasium addresses the whole child, taking into consideration any attention issues or learning difficulties a student may have. This holistic approach ensures that every child receives the support they need to thrive in math and beyond.

To learn more about Mathnasium's individualized programs and to schedule a free back-to-school assessment, call (248) 234-4926. Don't wait for struggles to begin; unlock the potential of math for your child with Mathnasium's expert guidance and support.

"The disruptions caused by COVID have left many students falling behind in math. Mathnasium can bridge the gap and help them get back on track."

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