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Helping Young Women Achieve Their Dreams Through Education

The College Club of St. Louis' Scholarship Awards Program

"These girls aren't shy. These girls are going places," said Brenda Davis, president of the College Club of St. Louis, referring to the College Club's scholarship awards program recipients. Remarkably, Brenda's words also accurately describe the young women who founded the club over 120 years ago.

The College Club of St. Louis was founded in 1901 by a group of graduates from Smith College. The young women eschewed their contemporaries, who believed a college education wasn't necessary for girls. So they gathered 102 other St. Louis college-educated women to create the bold new organization. The Scholarship Fund was established in 1906 to help young women achieve a college education. Today, the women of the College Club continue to proudly present scholarships to high school girls graduating from public schools across St. Louis city and county.

"The College Club works with high school counselors to identify girls to apply for the scholarship," said Brenda. "The girls selected are the ones that should be going to college. They are the ones who worked hard throughout high school and are not getting any breaks."

Scholarships are awarded to girls based on scholarship excellence, general ability, and financial need during their freshman year. 

"These are the girls meant for higher education, and we give them the opportunity," said Kathy Lang, vice president of the College Club of St. Louis.

The Scholarship Fund is self-perpetuating and relies on donations rather than requiring members to fundraise.

Member Susan Nolte describes the members of the College Club as lifelong learners who value education, community, and friendship. The club meets monthly at Sunset Hills Country Club for lunch and a dynamic speaker program. Presentations from prominent local and national experts cover various topics.

"We welcome women from all walks of life to join us for lunch," Brenda said. "We are a very vibrant group." For more information, visit