Herb Gardens

Green and Great For Freshening Home Cooking

Whether you grow your herbs in containers, directly in the ground or in raised beds, be sure they are getting four to six hours of sun daily. Herbs even grow well on window sills or under covered patios; however, sun is the key! Herbs enhance the taste of soups, stews and salads. Select herbs you know and use and then plant some unfamiliar ones to see what flavors grow.

Bergamot –Compliment pizzas, salads and breads with this unique flavor. This minty and slightly spicy herb contains Thymol, an antiseptic.

Chervil – This heirloom herb has flat, light-green, lacy leaves with a hint of anise and enhances the flavor of chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, and salads.

Chinese Leek Flower – The flowering stems of garlic chive plants are harvested before the flower buds open and is used in stir-fry. It has a crunchy texture and a sweet garlic flavor.

Cilantro - The seeds of cilantro are known as coriander. Add to spicy foods like chili, Mexican, Chinese, Southeast Asian and Indian cuisines.

Dill – Flavor fish, lamb, potatoes, and peas with this herb. It attracts helpful helpful insects to your garden such as wasps and other predatory insects.

Fennel – Flavorful and aromatic, the bulb can be sautéed or grilled, or eaten raw. Fennel bulbs are used for garnishes or sometimes added to salads.

French Tarragon – Considered the aristocrat of fresh herbs, this spicy anise-flavored herb is great in chicken salad and is wonderful in sauces, soups and meat dishes.

Lemongrass – Use this herb in brewing tea and as a seasoning. It has a strong lemon flavor that can enhance most foods.

Lemon Verbena – This is close to lemon zest but with a stronger aroma. The leaves and edible flowers turn up in martinis, ice cream, syrups, sun teas, pesto, and salad dressing.

Lovage – This herb tastes like celery with undertones of parsley and hint of anise. It is mild enough to use with fish and poultry, but has just enough spice to make it interesting.

Mint – You can use the wide varieties of mint in drinks like mojitos or mint juleps as well as iced tea. Beware that it is an invasive plant and spreads easily.

Parsley – This mild bitter herb can be used as a garnish for food but also helps dishes like stews achieve a more balanced flavor.

Rosemary – Add this flavorful herb to poultry, meats and vegetables. This plant will grow into a full-sized bush.

Sage – This aromatic herb is great for seasoning meats, sauces, and vegetables but it does have a tendency to overpower other flavors. The bees will love it!

Thyme – Often used for flavoring egg, bean and vegetable dishes, this ingredient is used in Mediterranean, Italian and Provençal French cuisines. Pair it with lamb, poultry, and tomatoes.

Winter Savory – This herb compliments fish, beans, and poultry with its intense flavor. It is used to flavor liqueurs and makes a beautiful garnish to any salad.

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