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Here Comes the Sun

Somewhere Sunny Brings Sunshine and Sustainability to Fashion

A well-made piece of clothing can make you look good on the outside, but a sustainably and well-made piece of clothing can make you feel good on the inside, too.

That’s the premise behind Somewhere Sunny, a local company founded by Shea Beck. With a mission to create beautiful clothes made from recycled materials, Beck and his company are well on their way to making customers look and feel good, all while protecting them from harmful rays.

“We’re a swimwear brand making eco-conscious decisions every step of the way,” he explains.

With most of its current swimwear line made from 88% post-consumer water bottles (an average of 12 per item), it’s clear Beck is delivering on that premise.

As a parent, Beck saw the issues of fast fashion firsthand with his own clothes, as well as his daughter’s.

“With most childwear, it’s used for a few months, and then you either toss it or donate it,” he says. “From the beginning, we made a decision to not purchase fast fashion—things that couldn’t be passed down to a sibling or to friends. That got us thinking … how can we take it a step further? How can we make sustainable clothing for adults?”

The men’s swimwear items, as well as tops for both genders, are as fashionable and functional as they are sustainable. And Beck is just getting started.

“In five years, we will be 50 to 60 product lines deep,” he explains. “Everything from a full line of women’s swimwear, tops, cover-ups, etc., then the same thing for men. We definitely will be net zero for carbon footprint and leading the charge on going beyond recycled materials.”

It’s that positive outlook that gave Beck the idea for the company name and its motto.

“We’re called Somewhere Sunny, and our tagline is ‘Find Your Sun,’” says Beck. “I came up with the tagline first. I’ve battled depression and anxiety, and I always took myself to a happy place, which for me is a sunny place. So I came up with ‘Find Your Sun,’ which for some people is reading a book or going to the gym, but it’s all about happiness.”

With a perfect mix of fashion, sustainability, and happiness, it's clear that Somewhere Sunny is just what the Valley needs.

  • Shea Beck