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Rich and Rick Higgins

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The Higgins Group Real Estate Opens Doors in Greenwich

The firm is led by father-son duo, Rick and Rich Higgins

Higgins Group Real Estate is a family owned firm serving Fairfield County and have recently expanded their operations to Greenwich. With 12 offices and over 500 agents, the firm has been leading the Connecticut real estate industry for over 20 years providing personal attention to each of their clients, agents, and listings. 

The firm is led by Rick Higgins along with his son Rich Higgins, making for an extremely powerful duo with a company conversion rate of 90%. Rich resides in Greenwich with his fiance. Rick moved to Fairfield in 1995 after he and his wife fell in love with the area. Before opening his own company, he built 200 homes as a developer and a real estate lawyer for 20 years in Saddle River, New Jersey. 

Rick emphasizes that when he first started the company he had an important philosophy that still remains grounded in the business. “I felt that there were a lot of people, especially women, who had good careers or could have had successful careers but they opted for the best job of all, raising their children. I set up the Higgins Group so they could do both with the understanding that their role as a parent always had the priority.”

 After relocating to the area, Rick built his successful business with a set of guiding principles that he still holds true today. These 3 guiding principles for the agents include; the agent's family has a top priority, they do whatever it takes to help an agent so they don’t miss any important aspects of their child's life, the golden rule to each other and their clients. Thirdly, everyone in the company is equal, Higgins Group doesn’t have a top producer of the month, where they don't compete with each other as their main priority is to help each other.  

As a private brokerage company, something that is not done anywhere else, The Higgins Group gives a distinctive touch to every asset of their business. They understand that a home is a critical part of people’s lives and want to guide each client towards their investments. Selling a house can be a big chapter for those letting go of a place that they made a home. With the assistance of agents at The Higgins Group they will make this process smooth and congenial. 

The Higgins Group holds strong roots in Connecticut, taking pride in their work and talents that have won the business numerous awards. They have also branched out of the state with a program that advertises globally. “We are always looking for the new thing,” Rick Higgins mentions in reference to growing their services constantly to keep up with the ever changing industry of real estate. 

One specific trend that the company thrives on is their strength in digital media and marketing. They have carefully crafted a range of printed and digital pieces to ensure that their listings are viewed world-wide. Some of their top daily advertisements appear in publications such as; The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, and San Francisco Chronicle. With these advertising techniques, the Higgins Group has seen an influx of California residents coming to Connecticut after viewing their listings in their old local newspapers. 

Higgins Group Private Brokerage is also a proud member of the Board of Regents Luxury Real Estate. A worldwide collection of top brokers representing the finest luxury properties across the globe, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate has been leading the real estate industry since 1986. This hand-selected group of more than 130,000 professionals with properties in more than 70 countries collectively sells over $300 billion of real estate annually, making it the most elite and comprehensive luxury real estate network in the world. 

Along with their promise to have personal attention with their clients, Higgins Group maintains that mission statement with their agents as well. Team culture is an imperative principle at the Higgins Group. Since their opening in 1997, Rick Higgins emphasizes that many of the same agents still work with them today, spending their entire real estate career with them. Agents are constantly available for their clients and are highly trained with the priority to give exceptional service to every individual. The group welcomes new associates who bring in different perspectives based on their own professional experiences. With the help of the Higgins Group, Rick emphasizes that they “Nurture and encourage every agent to help build their careers.” The team at the group follow their core principles of excellence, integrity, and communication.

The Higgins Group is excited for the opening of their Greenwich office, a town they regard as a wonderful place to live. They are looking forward to guiding residents to make new real estate decisions with their assistance and constant attention. “We believe in Greenwich real estate,” Rick importantly highlights as a stand out asset of their company. 

To start your connection or learn more about The Higgins Group, you can visit their website: or call 203-254-9000. 


  • Rich and Rick Higgins
  • Rich and Rick Higgins
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  • Rich Higgins