High-Style Mom With A Heart of Gold

Debbi Kerrigan of fab'rik Franklin

Debbi Kerrigan loved shopping at fab’rik in Franklin with her daughter to find new clothes and made an instant connection with the boutique owner. She learned that fab’rik was a franchise based in Atlanta, so it was not as recognized in this area. Their conversations ultimately led to Debbi buying the store, which she understandably considers her third child. She’s been running fab’rik Franklin for almost four years and is grateful for the support of her small business when the future was once so unknown.

Debbi admits she’s not a fashion or retail expert, but she’s passionate about it. She dove into the fashion industry with a background in engineering. She says, “I worked in engineering for many years before my kids were born and then switched gears and had the opportunity and blessing to stay home with them. I was a football mom, soccer mom, and a cheer mom.” Her daughter previously helped on the sales floor, but now that she's graduated college, she’s learning other aspects of the business. So Debbi still gets to rock the mom life at work.

A day in Debbi’s life is busy and rewarding. She says, “There’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes like ordering clothes, handling any inventory issues, communicating with vendors, and just the upkeep of a storefront. It’s like you have another house. It’s 24/7. When you’re an owner, your mind never really relaxes, but so much happens around it that it’s worth it.”

One of Debbi’s favorite things is being involved with the community. Debbi says, “What fills my cup is my connection with my customers, so I love being in the store and knowing them on a first name basis and getting to know their stories.” She and the fab’rik team also participate in community events, school fundraisers, and helping the Nashville Rescue Mission.

Fab’rik Franklin has great inventory coming in for the end of spring and summer. Debbi explains, “There really are no rules right now for fashion. Everyone’s still in that mindset of what makes you feel beautiful and puts a smile on your face is what you need to be wearing. We have anything from neutral, boho looks to groovy 70s styles. It’s an interesting mix.” Debbi continues, “Shipments are coming in regularly which is nice. People are traveling which is even better. We’ve been having so much fun working with our customers who are going away to places they’ve never been to like the Dominican Republic and Ireland. The shoppers we had
yesterday are going to Hawaii and needed vacation outfits!” Debbi tries to keep pieces under $100 so quality fashion is more accessible and you can get an entire outfit without the sticker shock.

Debbi Kerrigan has gracefully run fab’rik Franklin and styled the community’s fashionistas and those in need. Don’t forget to wish Debbi a happy Mother’s Day because this supermom will always be on trend!

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