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High Voltage Spaces

...For The Lady Of The House

This article salutes all who are Ms. or Mrs. Fabulous each day by spotlighting inspiration and indulgences from today’s home design trends geared toward self-care. We focus on three, clear and helpful categories.


Whether working from home for salary or gratitude, a workspace dialed in to equal parts beauty and function is a common ask from design clients. To create a dream space, identify what makes you tick. For one client who loves beauty and organization, clutter is verboten. We’re designing gorgeous built-ins with hidden work surfaces, concealed magnetic wipe boards and storage housed behind “blingy” silver mesh panels. A large-scale, muraled wallpaper feature wall tops it off. But for another fem-fabulous, seeing books and treasures is a must so her space is all open cabinetry. Do “you” for the win.


From art studios and craft rooms to glam gyms, sizzling dressing rooms or dazzling cook’s kitchens, the wish list of spaces leaning toward women keeps growing. Long may it grow. Do you need a zillion square feet to have success? Not necessarily. A spare bedroom becomes a dressing room; a finished basement boasts a glam gym.


Answer this question -- What activity stills your soul after watching the news? Now work that into your home-design-life plan. From serene yoga studios and mediation rooms, to tricked out ladies’ baths to garden retreats. Use every square inch of your home’s beauty and function to support who you are and how you want to live, and life will get better.

Your home can be a vehicle to happiness. Design it right, and it can put wind beneath your wings.


About Donna Hoffman:  An interior design visionary in whole home, new construction and multi-room design, Donna says she uses her unique Wise Design process and sharp skill set to lead her team to create impeccable, multi-award-winning spaces that clients love. IDH has garnered 14 Designer of the Year awards from the International Design Society and American Society of Interior Design. 

  • Donna Hoffman