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Hill Country Organized

Helps You Get Your Closets In Shape

Lori Ziegler started her professional organizer business in 2018 and in January 2021 created Hill Country Organized. “I advise that, when hiring an organizer, it becomes very personal so it is important to feel comfortable and trust that person.” Following are some excellent tips for organizing closets and pantries.


·        If possible, pull everything out of your closet and place on a bed or table.

·        Wipe down any shelves and rods. Clean out bins and vacuum/sweep floors

·        Go through each item of clothing and decide at that moment if it’s a keep, donate or toss.

·        Don’t save clothes that you are hoping to fit into. Instead, keep one item as your “goal” piece.

·        Repair items or throw them away.

·        Sort like items together: sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, pants, et cetera.

·        Decide if item should go back in closet or in a drawer.

·        Place hangers backward and turn around once you wear the item. At the end of the year you can see what you wore and get rid of what you didn’t.

·        There are many ways to fold clothes that take less space and continue to store that way. 


·        Remove all food and place on table or counters.

·        Wipe down shelves, bins, drawers.

·        Sort like items together.

·        Throw away expired, stale, or unwanted food. Donate any unwanted new item to your local food bank.

·        Some people like to decant their food. There are many cute storage items for pantries at retailers.

·        Have a bin on a lower shelf with healthy snacks for children. You can even have bins for lunch items so children can make their own lunches.

·        Have every item within eyesight if possible so nothing gets forgotten.

Remember, you don’t have to have a Pinterest-perfect house. You need a house that you are comfortable with and that fits your personality. Not all storage solutions fit everyone. A professional organizer will help you find what works for you.