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Hiring Our Veterans

How to Hire an Underserved Part of Our Community

Each November, our nation pauses to honor Veterans across the U.S. for their sacrifices and honorable duty. While Veteran's Day is a particular time to reflect on what all service members have done for our country, there are some issues facing veterans every day that need to be addressed.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), unemployment numbers among Veterans have dropped to 3.6%. However, more than 80% of those unemployed Veterans have been without work for more than five weeks.

In Peoria, there is one local business doing its part to try and curb those numbers and help veterans, as well as other unemployed residents, find work. Express Pros Peoria is a full-service staffing boutique that provides staffing solutions to small, mid-size and large companies in the West Valley. They focus on Skilled Trades, Light Industrial work, and Office Service.

According to owner Pam Stenvall, the push to employ veterans is important to them. “We are proud to honor U.S. military veterans and their families with our Hire Our Hero’s Initiative. We aim to assist veterans in navigating the civilian employment world, taking time to interview them to better understand their skills and experience so we can market them to key companies valley-wide.”

Express Pros Peoria works directly with companies looking to hire temporary employees or with a direct hire search. They are a free resource available to people throughout the West Valley looking for employment in fields including construction, manufacturing, distribution, and service industries.

Stenvall says Veterans are great candidates for so many of these open positions.

“Veterans embody excellent work ethic, skills, adaptability, commitment, and a service set of mind. In addition to hiring these trainable and natural leaders, there are company tax benefits to hiring veterans. We are on a mission to find employment for our heroes that have served us in the past.”

Stenvall opened Express Pros Peoria more than six years ago, aiming to be in a good position to provide a need in the community. As a franchise owner, Stenvall says this is a great position to be in today.

“Opening Express Pros Peoria has allowed me the opportunity to really focus on bringing back the true meaning of customer service. Hiring veterans and helping them find employment is so rewarding, I really hope we are making a difference in our community.”

For more information on working with Express Pros Peoria, or to contact them about employment opportunities for veterans or anyone seeking work, you can get details online at