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Historic Meets Modern

At the Crossroads Hotel

Historic meets modern at the Crossroads Hotel in Kansas City. The Crossroads keeps the spirit of the past alive by combining its two iconic buildings into a community-centered hotel. All 131 rooms and suites highlight the work of local artists, designers and purveyors. These artistic elements are found throughout the hotel, from the walls, furniture, lighting and amenities, complementing the warm hardwood flooring, exposed brick and other original industrial details.  

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Jeremy Bennett, director of lifestyle at the Crossroads, says there’s no shortage of history at the hotel.

“There is so much history in the two buildings that make up Crossroads Hotel,” Bennett says. “The larger of the two was a Pabst Blue Ribbon bottling and distribution center before prohibition. When prohibition rolled around, one of Tom Pendergast’s affiliates purchased the buildings, and the story is that Tom officed out of the building that is now Lazia, our modern Italian steakhouse. We’ve heard a bunch of fun stories since the building opened, and I’m sure they’re all 100 percent true!”

The unique atmosphere is exactly what you’d expect to find in the heart of this artistic historic district. 

“Adaptive re-use is in our company’s DNA. Taking old buildings that have a history and that have lived another life allows a hotel to open in a different manner than just another new construction project.

These walls have stories in them, and our team did a fantastic job of ensuring that those walls were left exposed along with a ton of original building details that you’ll find throughout. Cross that with some stunning architectural details (the five-story atrium is a must-see) and then furnished with amazing touches at every corner. We’re pretty lucky to have such a unique space here in Kansas City.”

Standout rooms include their vault suite, which allows guests to walk through one of the building’s historic vaults into the suite’s large foyer; their H.S. Truman Parlor with a poker table, dining table seating for 10 and lounge that embodies our former president; as well as their Pendergast suite, which captures the spirit of the renowned political boss with its large living room, pool table and capacity to hold 12 guests.  

The list of local art and products includes Messenger Coffee, an in-room cocktail program with J. Reiger & Co., wallpaper and Lazia menu illustrations by local tattoo artists Mikey and Megan Wheeler, Christopher Elbow treats, framed art and custom pressed works by Hammerpress, custom ceramic containers by Convivial Production for the hotel’s signature candles, Happy Habitat’s custom blankets and throws and artwork by James Woodfill, their current artist in residence.

“To open the hotel, we’ve partnered with Hesse McGraw from Eldorado. Eldorado was the principal architect on this project, and Hesse helped curate all of the hotel’s permanent art collections and manage the art gallery. We’ve just installed Jim Woodfill’s project called “Tuning Field” and have a ton of cool things coming up throughout the end of the year. It’s been fantastic to have artists using the studio space that we carved out.”

Find tasty options and beautiful views at Lazia Restaurant, Percheron Rooftop Bar and XR Cafe.  

“Here’s the quick list: at XR, get a pizza from our gorgeous wood-burning pizza oven and a Negroni. At Lazia, order a Puttanesca to share as a starter, go big and order the 24 ounce bone-in strip and select from a crazy good wine list. At Percheron, my go-to is a frozen mule or a frozen horsefeather and all of the amazing snacks. It’s arguably the best view of Kansas City you’re going to find.”

There’s something for everyone at the Crossroads Hotel.  

“You want to sit in the sun on a Sunday afternoon and listen to amazing music while sipping on a frozen beverage? Enjoy a fantastic Italian feast while listening to Biggie? Looking for one of the best places to take a date for an amazing cocktail? Is it time for a staycation? There is honestly so much going on here—I love seeing repeat guests and friends.”

The Crossroads Hotel is located at 2101 Central Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Stay in one of their luxurious hotel rooms, dine in one of their three restaurants and host your next event in one of their thoughtfully planned event spaces.