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The Piano Store Scottsdale Offers a One-of-a-Kind Musical Shopping Experience

Learning how to play the piano is often a rite of passage—and while we have multiple entertainment options at our fingertips, millions of families across the U.S. have pianos in their homes. One place to go for all things piano is The Piano Store Scottsdale, part of the PianoNation family of brands. The shop is one of the most technologically advanced piano experiences in the Valley.

“We value tradition. We value craftsmanship. And most importantly, we value what the piano provides for the family. It’s all about bringing your family together around the piano,” says Todd Brown, the owner of PianoNation.

Brown has been in the piano industry in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing since the ’90s. He says that with the latest technology, pianos are more approachable, high tech, and user-friendly than ever before.

“PianoNation has been interested in technology since the beginning of when pianos and QRS technology started to merge,” he explains.

Brown’s goal is to bring energy to an industry that, in many ways, has not changed a whole lot in 150 years.

“The mechanics of the piano as an instrument haven’t changed nor will they,” he says. “But the technology we now have to bring these pianos to life is absolutely incredible.”

Through QRS PNOmation technology, any piano can be turned into a wireless smart home entertainment device—able to play a variety of songs at any time with real moving keys.

 “This technology can play your piano anytime, 24 hours a day,” Brown explains. “For example, you can be watching a movie on your TV and the piano can be set up to play the piano parts of the movie score.”

 For those who may be hesitant about the technology, he says that when piano students take lessons with a traditional piano teacher—and are assisted by technology—they learn and retain their musical skills faster.

 “We don’t just sell pianos to individual families, but to schools, concert halls, and more. For example, students can play and record their songs and their instructors can re-play their songs hours later to grade them,” he says.

 The Piano Store Scottsdale not only sells quality new and used pianos, but they offer a myriad of other services, including restoration, tuning, technology installation, and more.

“Our Scottsdale store is second to none. Larry Bateman, the head of the store, has 50 years of experience and literally wrote the book on how to purchase a piano and will educate locals on what to look for in one,” he continues. “He knows as much about pianos as anyone on the planet. In addition to Larry, the Scottsdale store has a talented, youthful team working day in and day out.

“We hope everyone comes in and checks The Piano Store out; it’ll blow your mind when you see all of the pianos we have available,” Brown continues. “It’s like walking into a piano gallery—it’s the most fun you’ll ever have coming to a piano store.”

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