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Holidaily Brewing's Big Henry Hazy IPA

Who needs gluten when you have crushable tropical hops?

For so long, gluten-intolerant beer drinkers have been resigned to sipping ciders while their friends enjoyed hoppy IPAs and roasty, toasty stouts. Maybe they grinned and choked down a beer based on sorghum, but they weren't thrilled about it. Those days are now over because Holidaily Brewing Company, a gluten-free and woman-owned brewery, is now available for purchase in Kansas City. 

We tried three of their brews, the Favorite Blonde (crushable), the Fat Randy IPA (intense), and the Big Henry Hazy IPA, which was our favorite. Check them all out at your favorite local liquor purveyor. 


Big Henry Hazy IPA

Flavor Profile

Bright and juicy, tropical flavors.

Pairs With

A porch or hammock and someone else cooking. 


Tropical stand out here, with a touch of melon and pine from Mosaic and Cashmere hops. Holidaily uses only certified gluten-free toasted millet and buckwheat malt, so there's no bitter aftertaste of sorghum and you know it's safe for those with serious allergies. This isn't just gluten-free beer. It's great beer that just doesn't have gluten.