Holy Moly, Holiday Charcuterie Wreath

Make Festive, Fun, Tasty Entertaining Appetizer

Holiday Wreath Charcuterie Board


  • Fig Jelly
  • Honey
  • Variety of Cheeses
  • Salami or meat of choice
  • Olives (provide a variety)
  • Pecans, Pistachios and any favorite nut
  • Grapes, different types of berries, persimmons
  • Pickles, both sweet and sour
  • Fresh rosemary, or real greenery
  • Crackers


Place jars or bowls of sauces and olives on the board first. Next place the cheeses on opposing sides. Add meats and fruits. Layer in crackers, nuts and seeds and fill in any spots with extra nuts. Use fresh rosemary or fresh greenery to add wreath accent in the center of the charcuterie board. Garnish wreath area with fresh cranberries.

Tips for creating perfect grazing boards:

  • Start with larger items first and build around those.  
  • Ensure there are enough food items to fill the design space. It's best to overfill so the board doesn't look sparse. Stack, stack and stack some more. 
  • Use a variety of colors and textures when choosing the foods to apply. Pick cheese with color and patterns, fruits and veggies that come in a variety of textures and colors and a protein that can make a statement. 
  • Be sure to place similar colors away from each other to help give symmetry. 
  • Always include crackers, breadsticks or bread to use as a vessel for cheeses or dips.
  • For times without fancy charcuterie boards available, build a feast on breadboards, chopping boards (use two side by size to get the right size if needed), baking sheets, baking trays or marble pastry boards.
  • If unsure of a presentation surface, line it with parchment or baking paper.

With the holidays here, entertaining and extraordinary meal ideas are in full swing. When looking for the perfect appetizer to easily feed a crowd, create a festive, beautiful food board that's sure to please. 

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