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Holiday Turkey Workout

Lift Your Weight With Turkey

Article by Courtney Hansen

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Kirkland Lifestyle

Power Hour 360 is a Group Training, studio setting, where members receive personalized instruction during the one hour group workout. Classes are scheduled throughout the day and designed to accommodate the fitness needs of individuals at any stage of their fitness level. In addition to being supervised by a studio trainer, all exercises are projected throughout the studio on multiple video screens to ensure proper form. To accommodate all levels of fitness participation, PH360 has designed our exercises at High, Medium, and Low intensity levels. Our exercises include Cardio, Boxing & Strength Workouts. All workouts are complemented with state of the art technology measuring real-time heart rate & caloric output levels that can be viewed through the studio on video screens. We would love for you to come in and try out 2 FREE classes at our studio!


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Side Lunge- In neutral, hold the turkey at hip height and move into a side step while bending at the knee. As you lunge/step, the turkey will move to the floor. Then, stand up back into the neutral position. You will complete 10 reps on each leg 3 times! Pro tip: Keep your chest up, head up, and core tight!

Front Lunge + Press- In neutral, you will be standing with the turkey at your chest. As you step forward into a lunge, you will press the turkey towards the ceiling and then stand up back to neutral. You will complete 10 reps on each leg 3 times! Pro tip: Squeeze your glutes and shoulders each rep while keeping your abs tight! 

Squat + Front Press- In neutral, you will be standing with the turkey close to your chest. Then bend at the knees like you will be sitting in a chair. As you are in your squat position, press the turkey away from your chest. Then, head back to the neutral standing position. You will complete 12 reps for 3 rounds! Pro tip: As you squat, all your weight is on your heels with toes slightly off the floor. Squeeze your glutes as you go into the neutral standing position.