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Holiday Warmth: A Family Team

Dr. Robert Spennato and his daughter Dr. Alexa Spennato happily team up at Williamsburg Dental

Article by Kari Tumminia

Photography by Jayne Toohey, Karin Davidson and Courtesy Williamsburg Dental

Originally published in Media City Lifestyle

In the world of dentistry, Williamsburg Dental stands out as a practice that cares for its patients' oral health and has a deep-rooted commitment to family and community. 

What makes Williamsburg Dental unique is its family-oriented approach. The team is committed to serving patients of all ages, from 3 years old to patients in their 90s.  As Dr. Robert puts it, "We're a family practice, and we are proud of that.”

The Family of Williamsburg Dental: A Father-Daughter Duo
Prior to graduating with honors and completing a prestigious residency, Alexa had plans to become a Physician’s Assistant. In her own words, “For a long time, I didn't want to be a dentist. I wanted to help people in some way…But I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and I had grown up seeing pictures that my dad would bring home.”  Dr. Robert admitted he knew she had an interest in both science and art since childhood. So, he brought home pictures of the cosmetic work he did and left them on the table.

After one summer working as a medical assistant, Alexa knew she wanted a different direction. “It wasn’t hands-on enough for me,” she shared. “I really had always loved art…and working with my hands and I realized that dentistry was a really nice blend of science and medicine, but also [had] the artistic and creative part. And I had watched my dad love his career for 25+ years, so it kind of pushed me that dentistry was the direction I wanted to go.”

“Williamsburg Dental has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember,” Dr. Alexa explained. “My dad has been there since I was little and I’ve known a lot of the employees in the office since I was a little kid...So, I couldn’t give up the opportunity to work with my dad and learn from him.” Dr. Robert was thrilled to have her join.

Dr. Alexa and her husband now live in Media, “We loved being in Philly while we were in dental school and being able to walk around downtown to restaurants and Media is close to my office, and also a great town that has a lot to do.”

Dr. Alexa is already contributing significantly to the practice, expanding the services they offer and reigniting the practice’s commitment to the most comfortable and effective dental treatments–from standard procedures to cosmetic work. The father-daughter duo brings a unique blend of experience and fresh perspectives to Williamsburg Dental. Dr. Robert's enthusiasm for dentistry took on a new level when he began mentoring the younger dentists, including his daughter.   He believes that his practice's next generation is in capable hands and looks forward to the positive changes and innovations they will bring.

Commitment to the Community
Dr. Robert, recognized in 2023 by both Philadelphia Magazine and Main Line Today Magazine as a top cosmetic dentist and top general dentist, specializes in making patients look and feel their best. And the entire team is committed to top-notch service with the most cutting-edge technology. 

He emphasized something that most practices seem to miss… the distinct benefit of staying small.  “Our tagline is, ‘Dentistry is our passion, service is our obsession.’ And…bigger is not always better in terms of [what] we pride ourselves on– high-tech and high touch. And if you get too big, you can lose that high touch. For example, every one of our patients gets a call every night after treatment to see how they're doing.”

The doctors work with each patient’s needs and feelings beyond post-treatment check-ins. They pride themselves on truly personalized experiences, from partnering with each patient on their unique goals to providing caring solutions for high-anxiety patients. Dr. Robert even shared that most of his patients have his personal cell phone number!

The practice also actively supports various foundations and engages in charitable work such as sponsoring local events and non-profits.

Looking Ahead
As Williamsburg Dental continues to serve its community, their commitment to family values remains at the core of their practice. With a young and dynamic team and experienced leadership, the practice is poised for a bright future, ensuring the best dental healthcare. Where dentistry can often be intimidating, Williamsburg Dental shines as a beacon of family-oriented, community-focused dentistry.

The smiles they create extend far beyond their dental chairs.

Dr. Robert Spennato, managing partner, and his daughter and fellow dentist, Dr. Alexa, share thoughts about the practice's journey, the importance of family, and achieving the long list of high-quality services they offer.

  • Father and Daughter Collaborate at Williamsburg Dental
  • TOP: Dr. Dan Tibbetts works with a patient
  • BOTTOM: Dr. Robert Spennato and Dr. Jarred Gettes wear fun holiday spirited clothing for their patients to enjoy
  • TOP: Drs. Spennato discuss a CBCT X-Ray
  • BOTTOM: Williamsburg Dental Front Desk with Jeanne Vaughn (LEFT) and Marie Sharkey (RIGHT)
  • TOP: Dr. Robert Spennato works with a patient
  • RIGHT: Dr. Alexa consults with a patient
  • Hygenist Ida D'Ignazio assists Dr. Spennato
  • BOTTOM: Williamsburg Dental loves our sports teams
  • BOTTOM: Dr. Jerred
  • TOP: Dr. Alexa works with a patient
  • RIGHT: Drs. Spennato work together for a patient